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The Mini Bluetooth Earbud With Must-Have Hands-Free Features

* Snug, secure fit
* Long-lasting battery
* Optimized for hands-free calling

The comfortable and securely-fitting mini Bluetooth earbud from GoNovate is a mono earbud designed to connect seamlessly with your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled music streaming devices, while facilitating discreet and comfortable listening.

Just how “mini” is this earbud? At just 0.78 inches wide, it’s smaller than a nickel. It features an ergonomic shape and high-quality sound in spite of its tiny size. Great for making hands-free calls, the mini Bluetooth earbud can be paired with two different phones and allows you to answer a call from either with a single touch.

Despite its mono format, the GoNovate G11 mini Bluetooth earbud projects clear and sharp sound, and is especially optimized for voice. Well-designed buttons aid in hands-free calling. It maintains a signal well, even when your phone remains in your pocket or on the other side of the car.

The G11 mini Bluetooth earbud supports multipoint technology, enabling easy pairing with two different phones. It’s capable of 5-6 hours of play on a single charge, making this a usable travel earbud for long distance flights.

Another feature that sets the G11 wireless earbud apart is GoNovate’s nifty magnetic charger. The magnetic charger plugs into any USB port following which you can just place the earbud on top of it to charge through inductive technology.

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