On Sale: Save $30 Get the Jetson’s House You Always Wanted with One Simple Gadget

Get the Jetson’s House You Always
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On Sale: At Best Buy Save 23% on this years hottest smart speaker!

From setting your thermostat to streaming your favorite song, the Google Home Smart Speaker promises a Jetson’s-like lifestyle that your inner child just can’t pass up.

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Simple to use, it works as a wall plug-in with an always-listening mic that picks up your voice from across the room. You can ask it questions like, “What’s the best way to grill chicken?” Or find out who won last week’s Monday Night Football game. Basically, it’s your own personal Google without the keyboard.

And while this futuristic speaker can inform you on everything from the stock market to tomorrow’s weather forecast, the real benefit comes from it’s connection to Google Assistant. From adding plans to your calendar to sending emails, you can shout out any command that’s personalized to you, your business, or your home. Google Home answers the questions that actually matter to you.

Google Home features a touch-pad surface with simple controls and far-field voice recognition for easy, hands-free use. Most importantly, you can also hit the mute button if you don’t want it listening during private moments—like when you’re belting out Journey in the shower—because some things are meant for your ears only.

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