Get All of Gwyneth’s Advice From the New Book “Goop Clean Beauty”

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* “Goop Clean Beauty” by the editors of GOOP
* Foreword by Gwyneth Paltrow
* Available in eBook and hardcover

In addition to being a Hollywood star, Gwyneth Paltrow has also become well known for GOOP, which is a trusted resource for mindful and healthy living. Launched from a weekly newsletter in 2008 out of Gwyneth’s own kitchen, GOOP has progressed into an iconic lifestyle brand and indispensable resource for all things healthy. The team at GOOP offers the very best unbiased recommendations, experiences, recipes, products and advice. GOOP is the pinnacle of the modern lifestyle brand and has become the go-to resource for beauty, style and living.

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Millions of women look to Gwyneth and her GOOP team for nontoxic product recommendations, beauty tips and guidance on aging. Now all this information can be found in the new book, “Goop Clean Beauty.” The topics range from everyday care to getting red carpet ready.

The editors at GOOP have finally shared their best kept beauty secrets and remedies to curate this fabulous book. The chapters cover their top tips for a healthy lifestyle, which include workout plans, recipes, favorite detoxes and beauty fixes. These recommendations are unique to the GOOP philosophy and invite readers into the often overlooked world of self care. The realistic and personable voice of GOOP stems from a collective of editors who curate an open-minded approach to health-centric living.

This must-have guide features more than 100 fantastic photos and extensive interviews with experts in the field. We especially love the Q&A section with the contributors because it feels like a real insider guide to the healthiest lifestyle hacks available. This book is essential for anyone looking to improve their daily habits and routines.

We finished this book feeling refreshed and inspired; it was as if we’d just had a heart-to-heart with our best girlfriend. We were ready to invest more in our minds, bodies and souls–and to get serious about what we purchase, eat and do on a daily basis. We also cook so many more new things! This book is the perfect push to reboot and revive our lives, just as the GOOP team intended.

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