Pair Your GoPro Hero 5 With Its New Best Friend: A Selfie Stick

The GoPro Hero 5 Action Camera
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* GoPro Hero 5, with 4K video and 12 MP still capability
* Selfie Stick functions as a handle for the GoPro 
* High speed micro SD card included 

The GoPro Hero 5 is already an amazingly capable high performance action camera, but what makes it even better? The same thing that turns an iPhone into the world’s favorite tool for capturing memories: a selfie stick!

This new bundle includes the 4K-capable GoPro Hero 5 along with an Amazon Basics extending selfie stick with a built-in Go Pro holder, plus a 64 GB micro SDXC card with adapter. All in all, this combination turns the GoPro Hero 5 into a ready-to-go adventure pack, including just about everything you need to be ready to take beautiful wide-angle action shots – and selfies.

The included selfie-stick also addresses one of the only main shortcomings of the GoPro as a main camera– that it lacks a way to shoot handheld. Now that GoPro’s quality has gotten so good, it’s even starting to make appearances as a back-up camera for pros and more serious amateur videographers. With crisp 4K video and vastly improved in-camera processing, the GoPro Hero 5 can be way more of an every-day hero and is no longer just for places you wouldn’t take your “real” camera.

Of course, the GoPro Hero 5 still does everything that GoPros have become famous for. It works underwater to depths of up to 33 feet without a case, can be tossed around and handle extreme high-G turns, snowboard tricks and more. Long a favorite for capturing in-car auto racing footage, extreme sports videos, skydiving and hiking, the GoPro is ready for its close up now with this included selfie-stick. The stick features a 180-degree swivel mount and can extend from 13+ inches to 38+ inches, making it versatile for capturing group photos and videos, too.

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