Never Worry About Losing Your Camera in the Water Again

This GoPro Grip Will Make Your

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* Floating handle grip protects waterproof camera from accidental drops
* Fits any GoPro camera along with other tripod mountable cameras
* Bright yellow color is easily spotted when floating

Let’s begin with a story. Bill decides to go kayaking with his family. To document the day trip, Bill takes his GoPro along, but he doesn’t really know how to kayak. While floating the wrong way down the river, Bill hits a log he didn’t see, and his kayak turns over. Bill’s son helps him turn the kayak right-side-up again, but Bill’s GoPro falls into the water. Now Bill’s camera is lost forever at the bottom of the river.

Don’t be like Bill. Protect your camera from waterway accidents with a waterproof, floating hand grip from the L.Store.

When your GoPro or other waterproof camera accidentally falls into the water, this bobber handle will force it to float to the surface. So whether you’re surfing, kayaking or diving, you can always rest assured that you won’t lose your recording device.

This GoPro grip is ready to mount out of the box. You don’t need any adapters for the GoPro and it’s compatible with all the HERO models. It even comes complete with a thumbscrew.

This handle can also connect to any other tripod mounted cameras, including the Sony Action Cam, the Xiaoyi camera and the SJ4000.

Another handy feature of this grip is its bright yellow color. You’ll always be able to spot it on the surface of the water. In addition, an adjustable wrist strap is included for extra security.

This lightweight addition to your underwater photography kit will work with you to keep your camera safe and secure. Don’t lose your memories to the bottom of the sea; get a waterproof bobber handle instead.

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