The Best HDMI Splitters to Buy Right Now

best HDMI Splitter
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Don’t be constrained by a single HDMI output. Broaden your horizons (and your screens) with an HDMI splitter, which decreases the need to constantly adjust a tangle of cables. A standard HDTV typically has one HDMI input, two if you’re lucky, but with an HDMI splitter, three or more devices can be plugged in at one time, giving users the options to switch between units without having to plug, unplug, and repeat. That means more watching-time and less switching-time.

For example, say you want to connect a Blu-ray player, game console and cable box to your TV. An HDMI splitter makes it easy to keep all three units connected at the same time, enabling you to plug in and relax. The HDMI splitter mirrors the digital signal that the external units are sending out, which means your video and audio experience will be as high quality as if each device were the only one plugged into your TV.

The best HDMI splitters can also be used to share screens, mirroring two screens at the same time. Say you’re in a home without cable and want to stream the football game off your phone and onto two TVs at once. An HDMI splitter can make that possible.

Check out our top picks for HDMI splitters below.

1. Orei 1 x 2 HDMI Splitter

If you need to split one HDMI input signal into two identical HDMI output signals that are identical to the original, we recommend the affordable Orei 1 x 2 HDMI Splitter. The Orei is ideal for using with speakers and audio equipment and works with almost all audio options. We also like that the Orei is HDCP compliant and doesn’t require a bypass.

Pros: The Orei comes with a rugged cool enclosure that keeps the unit from overheating and aids in fast heat absorption.

Cons: The Orei will not work with HDMI cables over 30 feet or extend monitor screens. It’s also not a switcher that allows you to choose between multiple units (ie. a DVD player and gaming console) on one TV (for that we recommend the KELIYO).

Orei 1 x 2 HDMI Splitter Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Gana HDMI Switch

This HDMI splitter from GANA is equipped to handle three different HDMI devices seamlessly and easily through its convenient ports and built-in key-press-switching function. This kit includes one 1/8ft HDMI cable so you’re ready to plug and play as soon as you get it. For a fraction of the price of the best HDMI splitters, you can have all of this functionality and more money left to spend on games, DVDs and other gadgets.

Pros: This HDMI splitter from GANA sports a lower price point than other options along with three different ports for supporting your devices.

Cons: Only supports three devices at once.

GANA HDMI 3-Port Switch Courtesy of Amazon

3. J-Tech Digital 8-Way HDMI Splitter

Optimize your home theater and entertainment setup with this premium HDMI splitter from J-Tech equipped with 4K and ultra HD capabilities. It’s compliant with HDMI 2.0 specifications meaning it’s got updated technology so you can view everything from your blu-ray player to HDTV in uninterrupted high definition. It supports hot plug-and-play so you can get up and going as soon as you get it and it’s got LED lights that signal functionality and power mode.

Pros: High resolution capabilities, easy to set up, eight different HDMI ports.

Cons: Higher price point than other options. The average user likely doesn’t need more than four HDMI ports at once.

J-Tech HDMI Splitter Courtesy of Amazon

4. Techole 4K HDMI Splitter

Techole’s HDMI splitter works in 4K and requires no additional power source to operate seamlessly. Simply press a button to switch between different high-res inputs and LED lights clearly identify which one is active on your television. It’s got aluminum alloy construction that’ll hold up through extensive use and it’s got stable and fast transmission you can depend on. It supports high-resolution 4K screens and high-quality audio as well.

Pros: Easy to set up and use, supports high-quality video and sound.

Cons: Only features two HDMI ports.

best HDMI Splitter Courtesy of Amazon