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A Headband That Doubles as a Set of Headphones

* Multipurpose headband with hidden headphones
* Perfect for travel and exercise
* Great for side sleepers who need music to sleep

Sometimes your daily work commute or business travel can become a drag. Riding the train into the city is convenient, but it’s also long. Sitting on an airplane is uncomfortable as well as noisy. What can you do to pass the time? For many, catching up on precious sleep is always at the top of the list. What’s not at the top of that list is hearing the loud sounds of travel, passengers and life all around you. Now, with this headband with built-in earbuds, you can listen to your favorite lullaby music rather than your chatty travel neighbors. 

headband headphone firik

This headband from Firik contains headphones that connect to any phone or audio device with a standard headphone jack. The headphones themselves are made of thin and soft material that contour to the shape of your ear, so even if you happen to sleep on your side, these earbuds won’t get in the way by being too uncomfortable. The headband is made of a breathable fleece material with a Velcro closure for adjustable sizes. 

Firik’s headband is not only great for travel, but also exercise. Made from breathable fleece material, it can easily be worn during workouts. If you like to jog outdoors and worry about your ears getting too cold during the winter months, this headband is just the thing you’re looking for. It will keep the tips of those ears warm and the music flowing through your veins as you make your way through the city.

Whether it’s for travel or exercise, this headband (which is available in multiple colors) will keep you listening to your music in comfort and style.

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