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These Germ-Proof Headphone Covers Are An Ear-Saver

* Germ-proof, sweat-proof material
* Made with ultra thin tencel fabric for extra comfort and breathability 
* Washable with flash drying material 

For those who invest in quality headphones, we know it generally comes with a hefty price tag. Let Bingle Deodorizing Headphone Covers prolong your headphones’ longevity while keeping them germ and sweat-free.

Boasting an ultra thin tencel stretch fabric and elastic band for quick installation, these stretchy headphone covers are designed to fit most over-the-ear headphones so long as the ear pads measure 8-11 cm as seen with brands like Bose, Beats and Sony, to name a few. The one-of-a-kind sustainable tencel also provides an extra layer of comfort and breathability all without distorting the audio or sound quality.Headphone Covers Bingle

Most headphones comes with default leather or synthetic ear covers which are not only uncomfortable, but can accumulate sweat, oils and dirt. Worst of all, you can’t remove them, so you’re left trying to clean them with a generic Lysol wipe or towel.

With its germ-fighting qualities, it’s only logical that these Bingle Headphone Covers are easy to wash too. Its flash drying fabric allows for minimal drying time so your headphone covers will be good to go in no time.

If you decide to take your headphones on your next cycling adventure or on a hike, the unique fabric offers dirt and sweat protection, and can even double as ear warmers for chillier temperatures.

So go ahead and splurge on your favorite tunes for hours on end. With these ultra comfortable, deodorizing headphone covers, you won’t have to sweat the small stuff. All you need to do is pick your favorite track, hit play and enjoy the music.