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Get These Memory Foam Earpads for a More Comfortable Listening Experience

* Soft earpads made with high-quality memory foam
* Angled design for greater comfort and sound quality
* Suitable for most large, over-the-ear headphone sets

If you have ever worn over-the-ear headphones for long periods of time, then you know how crucial it is to find ones with comfortable earpads. The stock pleather earpads that come with most headphones tend to be uncomfortable and can make your ears sweaty to boot. They also slip off your ears and fail to last.

Now, there’s a better solution. The Brainwavz Angled Memory Foam Earpads have been designed to enhance comfort on headphones for a better — and dare we say, more stylish — listening experience.

If you are familiar with memory foam then you know this magic material has been a popular option for cushioning pillows and mattresses, so doesn’t it make sense to use it as a cushion for your ears as well? The replacement earpads are not only made with high-quality memory foam but have an angled design for greater comfort and sound quality as well. To further enhance comfort and style, the outer material is made of a soft, high-quality velour.

Comfort and style aside, these earpads will also improve the sound quality of whatever you are listening to by giving a little separation between your ear and the driver to help block most outside noise. They’re also super durable and long lasting.

Brainwavz’s mission is to produce innovative, high-quality audio products with a dedicated focus on high-end sound. The company is well known in many countries across the globe and is continually committed to providing the best products at the best value.