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Need to Split Your Headphones? We’ve Got Just the Solution

* Features a Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) design
* Small enough to fit in one hand
* Built for easy and secure transporting

Looking for a handy solution when you need to split your headphones? The Keyring Headphone Splitter from Elago is a sleek and versatile product that can be used with iOS, Android and other portable devices. The Keyring Headphone Splitter offers a practical and easy way for you to listen through one of the two terminals using earphones (3.5mm), while sharing the other.


Boasting both function and flair, the Keyring Headphone Splitter is designed with customers at the top of mind. It’s both convenient and durable, allowing you to share music on a flight, on a subway ride or during a museum guided tour.

Each splitter utilizes the extra space on your keychain in order to offer a familiar, minimalist aesthetic. Much like a keychain, it can be transported securely, allowing you to take the Keyring Splitter wherever you go. Measuring at 1.02″ x 0.35″ x 2.01″ the compact splitter can literally fit in your hand and is unbelievably lightweight — weighing less than 8 grams.

At just under $10, the Keyring Headphone Splitter is ideal for users of all ages thanks to its hassle-free design and its colorful selection — pick from black, white, Italian rose and jean indigo. Although compact, the splitter is built with optimal durability so if you drop or step on it by accident, you can rest easy knowing its impact resistant design is second-to-none.

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