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Hey Mr. DJ, Put a (Virtual) Record On Your Portable DJ Booth – We Wanna Dance With You, Baby

You don’t have to be Martin Garrix or Skrillex to play, mix, scratch and party like a rock star! This Portable Bluetooth DJ Booth and Lightshow pairs with any smartphone or tablet to help you create an instant dance party. A two-channel DJ station, this set gives you full control with built-in speakers, eight performance pads and two scratch wheels. Toss in a colorful LED panel that lights up and pulsates to the beat, and the dance party comes to you, with rave reviews.

To get the maximum performance possible, you’ll have an auxiliary line in, mic input, aux output, shoulder strap and handles. The party can go full blast for up to six hours on a full charge, no plugging in necessary. This portable Bluetooth DJ booth lightshow is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other Android devices.

Portable Bluetooth DJ Booth and Lightshow: Was: $299.99 | Now: $249.99 – Save 20%

Any self-respecting DJ has to know all the deets about his or her system, so here’s what you get with the Portable Bluetooth DJ Booth and Lightshow:

• Portable 2-channel DJ station
• Built-in speaker with deep bass
• 8 performance pads for Looping and Hot Cueing
• 2 scratch wheels
• Onboard lighting effects with beat control — you not only feel and hear the music, but see it as well
• Colorful front LED panel pulsates to the beat
• Stream music from any iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, all other Android devices and all other Bluetooth-enabled devices
• Auxiliary line in lets you play music from any source
• Microphone input
• Aux output lets you connect additional speakers
• Shoulder strap and built-in handles make it easy to transport
• Operates 6 hours on a full charge
• Charger plugs into an AC outlet

Take your DJ show on the road and rave like a pro with Sharper Image’s Portable Bluetooth DJ Booth and Lightshow.

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