Lived-in-Review: Jammin’ to House of Marley’s Newest Bluetooth Exodus Headphones

Exodus headphones House of Marley lifestyle
Courtesy of House of Marley

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* These over-ear headphones are made with recycled and sustainable materials
* The brand is connected to the Reggae family themselves
* Jammin’ with their newest Bluetooth headphones

Environmental awareness is a growing and global concern. Tech brands, in particular, can be harsh on the planet with their use of electrical parts that are hard to break down in the environment along with a short shelf-life for the average product. It also takes an abundant amount of energy to build highly-functioning and modern products, so why not ensure that they last for years to come? So, brands are addressing the issue of toxic materials and unnecessary waste while thoughtfully designing their products to reduce the carbon footprint and utilize more sustainable elements—ultimately inspiring consumers to pay closer attention to the ethos of the brands that they are supporting.  The creators behind the House of Marley are on a mission to craft well-made audio products spanning over-ear Bluetooth headphones to turntables and portable speakers. What caught my attention about this specific brand was their emphasis on charity as a part of the business. Project Marley is their charity that puts a focus on giving back to the earth through their reforestation program, which so far they have contributed to the planting of 168,000 trees through one of their collaborative organizations, One Tree Planted. It is not common to find beautifully made tech products that were born from a group of thinkers that want to bridge the gap between badass audio systems and sustainably-sourced materials. Here, I review their newest product release, the Exodus over-ear wireless headphones with an impressive 30 hours of play and made from ethically-sourced and recycled materials, for a week of jammin’ around the house and in the streets.

Exodus headphones House of Marley Courtesy of House of Marley

What Are The Features?

The Exodus falls in line with a handful of other Bluetooth headphones the brand has built, but this style is their priciest version, ringing in at $200. What makes it stand out from the rest is the combination of a very long-lasting battery (30 hours to be exact), which outlasts or holds up to its competitor’s designs like Bose and Beats by Dre. This design is made using materials like FSC certified wood, meaning the wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests to ensure their impact is sensitive to the environment and the landowners involved. They also integrate the brands signature REGRIND™ silicone along with recycled aluminum and a specially-made fabric woven from organic cotton. Plus their packaging is 100% recyclable, which is an innovation that should really become mainstream as packaging waste is one of the leading environmental issues. The matte black stainless steel accents combined with the natural wood centered in the earpiece creates a visually impactful pair of headphones that evokes a timeless style that looks as good on the wearer as it does sitting on a desk or hung from a wall mount. But it is not all about the aesthetics with these headphones. Here, we count out the Bluetooth and connectivity features as well as the sound quality built-in to the design of the Exodus.

Exodus headphones House of Marley Courtesy of House of Marley

Tech Features Worth Noting

1. 50mm hi-definition drivers for mid-range bass

2. Memory foam cushions for over-ear comfort great for long hours of use

3. Foldable hinge design for easy portability making them excellent for travel

4. Built-in Microphone for answering phone calls and voice control via smartphones

5. The streamlined button features control volume, pause and play functions and Bluetooth connectivity

6. Tangle-free aux cord and charging cable

7. Rotating and folding earcups are adjustable to the wearer via the sleek sliding poles

Exodus headphones House of Marley product Courtesy of House of Marley

The Brand

House of Marley was built with Bob Marley’s ethics in mind with sustainability at the very heart and soul of the brand. Co-founded by Marley’s son, Rohan, the brand is in direct alignment with the Marley family. Although they are not involved with the product design themselves, they are very connected to Project Marley, which began as a way to more mindfully connect consumers to the land we live on. This is one of the leading factors that sparked my attention with this line of products because far too often I fall madly for a beautiful design that seems to fall short in the ethics department, causing me to wonder if my purchase is just serving me and not positively impacting the community, both locally and globally. With the use of recycled materials and sustainable details like metals and bamboo, the products are a physical testament to socially conscious crafted goods. Their audio is spectacular as well, offering listeners a bass-forward sound with smooth and precise mids and energized clarity with each song that plays. Every single product they make goes through a process of custom tuning, to reveal a powerful performance that would surely make the reggae legend proud.

Exodus headphones House of Marley Courtesy of House of Marley



The Verdict

I jammed these headphones for a week straight, bumping bass-heavy tunes and more melodic mellow music, and I have to say the experience has been fantastic. I am not the type to put my headphones on while working at home or at a coffee shop, as I like to focus on my writing with not too much noise distraction. But after making these a part of my workflow, I feel like I would not be able to work without them. Upon putting them on, they are a sumptuous fit around the ears with the thickly padded support that goes around your ear for a design that is meant to be comfortable for hours of wear. The succinct clarity had me hearing details of songs that may get lost across a home stereo system but came to life with the Exodus. I am prepping for travels abroad and was worried these would not fit well with my minimalist packing, but because of the quality and aesthetics that make them look even more expensive than they actually are, I will be dealing with the fact that they do take up a little more space in my suitcase. And because I believe in sustainable consumption and taking using my consumer voice to make an impact, these are easily justifiable for the price. A few things to note are that they are not noise canceling, which most Bluetooth headphones aren’t anyways but I wanted to mention, and the voice control does not work immediately as there is a slight delay to adjust to the sound communicating through the headphones. But other than those few details, these are by far the best headphones I have used and because they are so striking in style, I am more likely to take my tunes everywhere I go.

If you are looking for a standout set of Bluetooth headphones that do not interrupt your elevated sense of style and contributes to a more sustainable and beautiful planet, these are hands-down worth the investment. For a Marley-certified product, you can’t get much better than these.

Exodus headphones lifestyle Courtesy of House of Marley