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Off the Record: How to Clean Your Vinyls and Record Players

Music snobs and golden-age dads alike both know there’s really no better sound in the world than your favorite album brought back in time on a record player. The overall sense of nostalgia guided by the crunchy sound additives and muffled performance hold something Spotify and Apple Music simply can’t mimic. A vinyl version of your favorite album changes the way you hear songs you thought you knew inside and out, bringing a whole new light to your go-to tunes.

Vinyl records may be the de-facto music medium for those who prefer analog, but if you don’t take care of your collection, those sounds are sure to suffer. Records can get pricy too, so collectors (especially those that really splurge on rare records) really need to pay attention to the state of their troupe to ensure they’re staying in pristine condition. Fortunately, there are lots of options online you can snag to keep your collection squeaky clean.

Wondering how to clean vinyl records? Read on for the best tools and tricks.


1. Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Brush


This brush features two rows of carbon fiber bristles to easily and effectively clean your vinyl records without scratching them. What’s more, the brush itself is electrically conductive, meaning it’s able to remove static charges which often attract excess dust and particles. The sleek, modern handheld design also allows for effortless cleanings each time you switch your LPs, improving overall sound quality time and time again. When it’s time to switch records, simply whip it out, give it a quick go-over, and you’re good to go.

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2. Record Cleaning Velvet Brush


This anti-static cleaning brush offers a fast and easy way to keep your records clean and dust-free. The portable velvet brush is great for DJs or people who are constantly taking their LPs on the road. Designed to be as gentle as can be, it also successfully gets into deeper record grooves to safely remove those tougher fine particles. Including a 10ml spray bottle, this set helps make sure your collection looks (and sounds) as new as the day you got them.

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3. Car Guys Super Cleaner


We know you’re wondering how this one made it here. Sure, the name says Car Guys, but this cleaner works for all vinyl — including your records. If you’re the multipurpose type, this cleaner should absolutely be on your radar because it has the ability to clean not just cars and vinyl, but also just about any surface under the sun. All in all, this top-class cleaner features intuitive nanotechnology to help lift away dirt and dust and leave your vinyl sparkling.

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4. Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit by KAIU


Keep both your records and player looking good as new with this amazing all-in-one cleaning kit from KAIU. From your treasured LPs to your record player’s needle, dust particles and fluff are effectively eradicated by using a combination of the kit’s components. Inside you can expect cleaning solution, a stylus cleaner, a carbon fiber brush, a velvet brush and a microfiber cloth — everything you’ll ever need for a classic clean-up. And for only $29? That’s a steal we can’t pass up.

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5. Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII Complete Kit


For a more comprehensive solution to cleaning your records, this amazing cleaning kit actually washes your records on the spot. The kit itself uses a sleek cleaning solution that works wonders on both large and small records. As a bonus, the design is small enough that you can actually take it on the go. The best part about this deep cleaner is that it effectively cleans both sides simultaneously, saving you tons of time.

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Want to Grow Your Collection? Look No Further:

While records are more of an old school tradition, real collectors know where to get both currents and classics shipped directly to their door.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Amazon has an impressive collection of vinyl records. Anything you might ever need in relation to vinyl necessities, you can most likely get it with a quick search.

FYE has been a true music nerd’s go-to for years on end. Having everything from LPs to CDs to trinkets and posters, there’s nothing you won’t be able to discover here.

Urban Outfitters has more of a curated and current selection than most traditional retailers. Bringing millennial favorites like Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” and Beyonce’s Lemonade into the vinyl scene, the hip lifestyle and clothing spot decks a lot of their vinyls in crazy colors like pinks, yellows, blues and more.

Finally, VNYL is a newer way to snag some favorites in the most unique way of them all. By connecting your preferred music streaming service and telling the brand about your favorite artists, VNYL will send you surprise records to add to your collection monthly.

Our Current Vinyl Pick: NFR! By Lana Del Rey

NFR! by Lana Del Rey is a necessity for collectors of any age group. New-age collectors will love it for Lana’s dreamy, melodramatic lyricism and sound, while the older demographic will appreciate it for her old school feel and broken down aesthetic. Finding this record can get tricky, Amazon offers it on the pricier side, Urban Outfitters has it in a different format, but FYE is probably your safest bet to snag a copy.

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