Spy Cameras: How to Hide Your Nest Cam from Prying Eyes

How to Hide Your Nest Cam
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* Savvy skins to help hide your Nest
* These skins don’t cover or impede your Nest’s functionality
* Choose from camouflage cover, fun(ny) options and more

Nest Cams changed the way we see security devices—literally. Compact, but packed with tons of built-in features, these cameras are a great way to keep tabs on your home both indoors and out.

One of the best things about the Nest is its tiny size, which means you can basically place it anywhere in the house. But you leave your camera right out in the open, chances are your home security system isn’t working as well as it could—or should. Instead of showcasing your Nest, hide it with these three simple solutions.

1. Nest Cam Camouflage Cover Skin

A smart option if you have younger children, this camouflage skin is designed to look like everyone’s favorite Minion. It’s also cut to fit your Nest cam perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about your lens being obstructed.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. Silicone Skins for Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Not only will these skins help mask your Nest camera, they’ll also keep it safe. With eight camouflage color options to choose from, these skins are thin enough to easily slip on to help keep your camera safe and secluded.

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3. Wasserstein Versatile Twist Mount for Nest Cam Indoor

This twist mount opens up a world of possibilities regarding where and how to place your Nest. With a rugged silicone build, you can use this mount to place your Nest virtually anywhere in, around and even outside your home. It also comes in two color options.

Image Courtesy of Amazon