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How to Watch the Will & Grace Revival Online

* Will & Grace returns to television September 28
* All four series stars are back for the sitcom revival
* Guest stars for this season include Jane Lynch, Harry Connick Jr. and Ben Platt

Almost a dozen years after it aired its “finale” episode, Will & Grace (and Jack & Karen) are finally back on television.

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The much-anticipated revival of Will & Grace premieres Thursday, September 28 on NBC, and the network is so sure of its success, it’s already renewed the comedy for a second season.

The Emmy-winning sitcom originally ran for eight seasons, ending its run in May 2006. But, like 90s fashion and music, the show — and characters — rode a wave of nostalgia to return to the airwaves once again.

All four original stars — Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes — are returning for the revival, and producers just teased guest spots from Jane Lynch, Harry Connick Jr. and Tony winner Ben Platt, among others.

Times have changed though since Will & Grace’s original run, and while some issues — like same-sex relationships — have become increasingly more mainstream, other things — like watching live TV on an actual television — are seemingly remnants of the past.

If you’re a Will & Grace fan and want to catch the new show live (I.e. without waiting for reruns or waiting for it to hit a streaming service), try out DIRECTV NOW. The service lets you stream live TV on your smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. No satellite dish, cable box or physical TV required (though you can watch on your TV set too). Try it out for seven days free by clicking below.

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Start Your DirecTV Now 7-Day Free Trial

It’s not just access to NBC either — DIRECTV NOW offers 120+ live channels plus free access to more than 20,000 movies and on-demand episodes. Their current deal gets you a free Roku Premiere when you sign-up for at least two months of service (the deal runs while supplies last, so don’t sit on this one if you’re in the market). Sign up today and get DIRECTV in time for the premiere of Will & Grace, in addition to all the other Fall TV premieres.

Not sure if you need live streaming? DIRECTV is a solid option if you’re into live sporting events, like to be on top of breaking news and like to follow and host parties during awards season.

Even better: you can stream from two devices at any given time, ideal for say, when you want to watch football and your partner is in the next room watching Grey’s Anatomy. HBO is included free too, for AT&T Unlimited Choice and Plus customers (it’s just 5 bucks a month for everyone else).

Ready to redeem and stream? Start with a 7-day free trial. Plans start at just $35 a month thereafter for 100+ channels.

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Get a Free Roku Premiere with DirecTV Now

The free Roku Premiere deal is a limited-time offer that ends September 22, so we would sign up now to take advantage of the promotion. Will & Grace, meantime, kicks off its 16-episode first season on September 28 at 9pm ET on NBC.

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