How to Watch the New Season of Mr. Robot Online

watch mr robot online
Courtesy of USA Network

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* The third season of USA’s Mr. Robot premieres Oct 11
* Mr Robot won a Golden Globe for best TV Drama and has received a Peabody award
* Starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater

The third season of USA’s acclaimed series, Mr. Robot, may have premiered in an escape room-like happening at New York Comic Con, but you can stream the new season online once it premieres October 11. No special hacking skills required, unlike at the surprise New York event.

Mr. Robot mixes futurist hacking conspiracies, cloud-computing dystopia and 80s mega corporation nostalgia–is there a neologism yet that combines nostalgia and dystopia yet? Dystalgia, maybe? If not, writers should probably coin one for the outstanding crop of shows like this one. The Golden Globe-winning show stars Christian Slater as the eponymous imaginary alter ego of Rami Malek’s charismatic hacker Elliot Alderson.

The new season promises some answers as to the fate of Alderson/ Mr. Robot, plus a dangerously intensifying battle between the entrenched forces of E Corp and the mysterious F Society as the threat of “Phase 2” inches toward its execution. Meanwhile, the two sides of Malek’s character are drawn into an ever more stark conflict. Look for more appearances by BD Wong and the introduction of Bobby Cannavale of Boardwalk Empire fame.

Rami Malek in Mr. Robot Season 3 key art Courtesy USA USA

How to stream Mr. Robot: the series airs on the USA Network, but if you don’t have cable or access to USA, you can stream season three online on Amazon here  – choose to wait to binge the whole series, or watch individual episodes as they are released each week.

Or with an Amazon TV season pass, you can get access to the full season while only paying for the episodes not yet released. So you can jump on to a season in progress and you don’t have to pay for the episodes that have already aired.

Check out the official trailer for Mr. Robot’s season three here:

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