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How to Watch Premier League and Champions League Soccer For Free

* Stream live soccer matches from Premier League and Champions League
* Champions League qualifying starts in June (group stage in September)
* Premier League kicks off in August

Planning your summer TV schedule can be tricky, whether you’re binge-watching your favorite new show or catching up on a familiar favorite. Throw your favorite sports into the mix and it can be hard to keep track of where — and how — to watch everything you want.

Want more live sports with your cable package? Ditch the generic TV providers and read up on FuboTV. One of the best new streaming providers we’ve found, Fubo offers 65+ channels that include live soccer games from international providers you can’t find on any other platform.

With FuboTV’s free trial, you can watch Premier League and Champions League for free. The FuboTV service also streams content live from providers like LaLida, Fox Soccer Plus, NBC Universo, Bida Sports and Bundes Liga. Fubo TV offers the chance to see content from UEFA Europa League and the Russian Confederations Cup 2017 as well.

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Champions League qualifying is on now and the group stage kicks off in September. Premier League action, meantime, begins in August. Try FuboTV for free now to get acquainted with the services and offerings so you’re ready once the big games roll around.

An easy-to-set up and fast service, FuboTV lets you stream content on your TV or through your phone, allowing you to throw viewing parties at home, or take your live matches with you on the go. For everyone else in the house — or if you need a break from the game — Fubo also includes favorite channels like FX, Bravo, E! and USA, in addition to regular cable channels like NBC and FOX.

Our tip: download the FuboTV 7-day free pass and start streaming live sports on your phone or TV. Try it out and explore all the live sporting options from around the world. Then, start planning that summer viewing schedule accordingly.


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