Reality Even Crazier Than Fiction: The Real Life House of Cards in “The Circus”

showtime the circus

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* The answer to House of Cards withdrawal
* See behind-the-scenes during the 2016 presidential race
* Reality can be far more entertaining than fiction; watch now on Showtime

Admit it. When House of Cards Season 5 premiered on May 30, you were there, ready to binge watch it all. Now it’s June 30, and you’ve been suffering through four weeks of withdrawal. Have no fear. Instead of waiting for Claire to show us what she’ll do with “her turn” next season, you can watch something far more entertaining, and dare we say, scary. The Circus is Showtime’s docuseries tracing the shenanigans that became the 2016 presidential race. 

The Circus docuseries follows the 2016 presidential campaigns as they are unfolding in real time. From key campaign moments to figures coming to the forefront to bolster their candidate, this docuseries gives viewers a non-partisan look at all that happened during the campaigns. Take a moment to relive some of the fateful events and decisions made during one of the most watched and followed political races of all time.

Showtime is currently streaming both seasons of The Circus on Showtime. Take a look and settle in for a real life House of Cards.

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