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Lived-In Review: The HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Smartphone Printer and Instant Camera

* The printer is about the size of a cell phone
* Print snapshots or stickers for you to share immediately
* Connect to app to print photos from your social feeds too


The HP Sprocket 2-in-1 is a portable smartphone printer and instant camera in one. The Sprocket allows you to instantly print sharable 2 x 3-inch snapshots and in-the-moment photos whenever the moment strikes with the included, instant camera.

The 2-in-1 is small (about the size of your smartphone) and lightweight and was designed to fit in your bag or pocket to take with you on-the-go. The design is very chic and of-the-moment with a white and rose gold glossy exterior and handy, white wrist strap.



When you first open the Sprocket 2-in-1 you might look for instructions, but like most new technology these days, they are omitted and instead you will find a pamphlet with black and white images that essentially send you to the HP Sprocket website where you will download the app where further, easy to understand connection instructions await.

Once you have installed the app, you have the choice to connect via Bluetooth and allow it to access your camera roll to start printing instantaneous pictures. When you have given the app access, simply choose a picture you want to print, send it to the print queue and voila, instant, picture printing gratification. Once you get the hang of printing your own camera roll, you can grant the app access to your Instagram, Facebook and Google accounts and start printing and swapping pics.

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When a picture has been chosen for print, you can either send it to the print queue or have some fun with the photos. The app allows you to customize your pictures by cropping them and/or decorating them with the use of fun stickers, frames and other seasonal embellishments that are included and regularly updated.

You may be wondering what exactly the pictures print on. Well, the 2-in-1 uses HP ZINC Zero Ink photo paper which is included when you buy the Sprocket (10 sheets) and are available to purchase separately as well. It is worth noting that the ZINK photo paper can be used as stickers and once your photo has printed, you simply peel off the back layer and it becomes a sticker that you can place anywhere and on anything.

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Image Courtesy HP[/caption]



Once the 2-in-1 was connected properly to my iPhone, everything was pretty straightforward from there. We used the instant camera to take on-the-spot pics of everything in close proximity to check out how it worked. The pictures printed instantly and made for great handouts to family and friends.

The Sprocket will easily come in handy at parties, date nights or impromptu trips as well, allowing you to print photos on the spot and even take a few new ones as you go along. Plus the easy wireless set up will allow everyone to connect to your “mobile printer” via Bluetooth connectivity so they can print their own pics too.

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Image Courtesy HP[/caption]



While this is definitely a fun new technology piece to have, if you are looking for super hi-res photo quality pics, this is not the toy for you. While the printouts are fun and again, give you that instant gratification, the print quality is slightly lacking and I suspect that might be the case for most mobile printers.

If you have kids, this could definitely be fun as the picture customization option in the app can certainly keep them busy for a while with all the fun designs and creations they can make, or that you can make of them.

If you love to share photos, be in the moment and love expressing yourself creatively, then this will be a fun new addition to your smartphone photo experience too. It’s an easy way to capture moments instantly and share them on social media but also have a physical copy to share as well.

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