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Ikea and Sonos Are Releasing a New Symfonisk Floor Lamp: Here’s Why We Are (and Are Not) Excited

One of the more interesting home collaborations is the partnership between Ikea and Sonos. The ongoing Symfonisk product line takes the best of both brands and ties them together to create home audio products that are functional and fun to look at. The latest edition of the collaboration promises to take the partnership in a bold new direction with the upcoming release of the Symfonisk floor lamp speaker.

Why We’re Excited for The Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker

The first Symfonisk lamp was released in 2019, with a picture frame version hitting last year. The Floor Lamp looks to combine elements of both, as the move from a table speaker/lamp to a floor lamp opens up the possibilities for use. Now, instead of needing a table, you can position the lamp in your space and reap the advantages of having both a light and a speaker.

However, according to Ikea, the functionality extends past just using them as light fixtures, as looping in the lamps to an existing Sonos setup allows users to have the Symfonisk floor lamp function as a set of rear speakers for surround sound, too. Additional customization can be done through different lamp shades, although the existing model arrives with a swanky bambo-like shade.


While you’ll likely need a full Sonos setup to take full advantage of Symfonisk, there’s plenty of value in just having one; having a lamp is always handy, let alone one with Sonos built into it. We were pretty impressed with our testing of the Symfonisk picture frame, so we’re particularly eager to get our hands on a review unit.

Why We Aren’t Excited About the Ikea Symfonisk Speaker

We’ve positively reviewed a lot of Sonos products here at SPY (like the award-winning Sonos Roam smart speaker), but the company’s collaboration with Ikea has never really broken through to the mainstream like some of its other products.

You rarely hear product review websites like SPY mention the Symfonisk line, even though it’s been on our radar since 2019. In fact, there’s already a speaker lamp in this product line.

Ikea may be the go-to destination for starter furniture IRL, but it’s never become an online shopping destination. In addition, the existing Symfonisk speaker lacks some key smart features we look for in smart speakers, like Bluetooth connectivity or compatibility with Alexa.

Still, it’s a cool concept, and it will surely tempt some Ikea shoppers as they wander through the brand’s maze-like stores.

Pricing and Availability

We won’t need to wait too long to see how the Symfonisk floor lamp performs, as the release for the unit is in January 2023. IKEA didn’t provide a specific date within that window, but we’ll be sure to update you when we get that information. If it’s anything like previous editions, the floor lamp will clock in over $200 (the current table lamp is $229) and will be sold at physical IKEA stores and online as well.