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Insta360 Came Out With What’s Arguably the Most Over-the-Top Webcam Ever

We live in a world of remote communication, and it’s pretty much here to stay. The recent revolution in how we work remotely has changed our approach to a lot of things (and briefly resulted in almost no webcam stock). Action camera maker Insta360 has been relentless the last year, releasing gadgets like the Insta360 Go 2 and Insta360 One RS, so it’s undeniably surprising for us to see the company dipping its toes in the webcam space.

The Insta360 Link is no mere webcam, though; with 4K resolution and a powerful onboard AI, it can serve multiple purposes, from helping with work meetings to livestreaming at the end of the day. In fact, it’s one of the most unique webcams ever released.


Why We’re Excited About the Insta360 Link Webcam

The Insta360 Link offers 30 frames per second at 4K Ultra HD resolution. What does that mean for you? Well, there will be no more sneakily picking your nose on camera — everyone will be able to see the shape of the booger. You can choose between different resolutions, frame rates, and even tweak the settings for brightness and white balance. Therefore, no matter the lighting condition or time of day, the quality can be optimized to make you look Zoom ready.

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Courtesy of Insta360

It’s more than just a powerful camera, though. Imagine teaching a class; a standard webcam is fine when you’re in front of it, but it lacks the resolution to display finer details on a whiteboard. The Insta360 Link has three modes:

  • Whiteboard Mode helps others in the meeting see a much larger area.
  • Portrait mode delivers a 9:16 ratio for better mobile video quality.
  • Overhead Mode is perfect for showing an in-progress sketch or for filming unboxing videos.

The Insta360 Link also has DeskView Mode, which makes it easy to swap between a facial view and the view of the desk. Best of all, the AI tracking and gimbal lens will follow you as you move and keep you perfectly centered.

It’s no slouch on the audio front, either. Dual noise-cancelling microphones drown out background noise and make it easy to be heard despite a fan in the background or your cat playing with a plastic bag.

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Courtesy of Insta360

Insta360 Link Pricing and Availability

If you’re drooling over the Insta360 Link, the best part is that it’s available on August 2 from and other retailers, starting at $300. Yes, that’s a price that few webcams venture into, but its over-the-top features and dreamy specs may be enough to get people to bite. However, it’s less of a webcam and more of a 4K camera that just happens to clip to your computer. For remote professionals, gamers and livestreamers of all kinds, it’s a tempting upgrade.

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Courtesy of Insta360

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