4 Products on Amazon to Help You Improve Your Instagram Feed

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* Lights, camera… Instagram
* Even if you have a nice camera, lighting is everything
* Plus, DIY backdrop hacks

Ask any full-time social media managers and they’ll tell you that when it comes to Instagramming, consistency is key. To get your posts noticed and keep your “engagement” high and your follower count growing, it pays to have a look that’s reproducible enough to be your signature. One of the best ways to make it easier to keep up a consistent set of posts is to have the right supplies. Simple things like backdrops and lighting make a huge difference. Forget filters and concentrate on good lighting, and you’ll make your time editing and retouching far easier. Here are some products to get started on improving your feed.

1. Backdrop

Yes, vinyl wrap: want a beautiful backdrop that photographs like Parisian Marble, and which you can put on just about anything? This DIY wallpaper substitute is the ticket.

Vinyl wrap Courtesy Amazon

2. Integrated Selfie Stick-Tripod

When you’re going for professional Instagram results, not just any selfie stick will do. This one has built-in bluetooth and doubles as a steady tabletop tripod for your phone. You can use it with a GoPro, too.

Selfie Stick Courtesy Amazon

3. Ring Light

A ring light is one of the best ways to make editing your photos easier. It provides even, consistent lighting and helps get rid of unwanted shadows. Think of it as a more natural filter before you filter.

Ring Light Courtesy Amazon

4. Light Box

Want to show off an item in a “still life” style? A light box is the way to get professional-looking product shots every time. Use it to photograph your favorite objects, products, or stick your hand in there to get a shot of your new watch or jewelry.

Light Box Courtesy Amazon

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