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The Beautiful, Puzzling and Surprisingly Touching Monument Valley 2 iOS Game

* Beautifully-designed environments
* Magical puzzle architecture
* Involving new storyline

“Monument Valley 2,” the long-awaited sequel to the endearingly popular “Monument Valley” puzzle game for iOS devices, is a beautiful and charming adventure. In “Monument Valley 2,” you guide a mother and daughter through MS Escher-like landscapes of magical architecture and amazing, otherworldly puzzles.

The levels play quickly and the game has plenty of appeal for iPhone and iPad users of a wide age range. Thanks to the involving and intricate nature of this puzzle game, it makes for a great pre-flight download, helping pass the long hours in transit.

The graphics in “Monument Valley 2” deserve their own mention: both spare and well-detailed, the backgrounds and images are never simplistic and make use of a subtle, painterly palate that is rare in mobile gaming.

The characters have a charming, ideogrammatic appeal. The quest storyline, in which a young girl must travel through worlds solving puzzles in order to learn the game’s central “sacred geometry” goes along with the graphics in its simplicity. What it lacks in individualistic detail it makes up for with universal archetypal appeal.

This game, for iOS 9 or later, will definitely preserve the appeal of the original “Monument Valley” and should win over some new fans as well thanks to its accessibility and great presentation. Start playing it here.

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