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Review: JLab Go Air Pop Earbuds Are Cheap, But Are They Worthy Of Your Money

A truly great pair of wireless earbuds are going to cost you a fair amount. You know it, we know it, and there’s not much anyone can really do about it. However, the difference between good and great isn’t going to be a big deal for everyone, and you can often pick up a good pair of wireless earbuds for a surprisingly low amount of money. The JLab Go Air Pop earbuds are very much in that price range at one of the lowest price points in its category. And while that seems too good to be true, here’s everything you need to know before you buy.


  • Incredible price point
  • Very light
  • Great battery life
  • Excellent touch controls


  • Occasionally unstable connection
  • Tinny sound
Weight3.7g per earbud, 27.5g for case
BatteryUp to 32 hours with charging case
Range30+ ft
Speaker6mm Dynamic driver

JLab Go Air Pop Earbuds Design

I’ve been using the gray version of the JLab Go Air Pop earbuds, and they’re a bit plain from a visual standpoint. The design is very simple, and the little insignia is actually quite nice. These are earbuds for people who appreciate the simple things in life and don’t need to have anything fancy sticking out of their ear canals. I find the shape of them to actually be kind of hard to get used to.

Jason Coles | SPY

They’re very light, which means it’s not hard to forget they’re actually there, which could be a problem while running, but likewise, they feel a tad loose in the ear, or at least they did in mine. I like my earbuds to have a bit more weight to them, and the small size of them made for a fiddly time whenever I wanted to put them away.

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I do, however, really like the case, especially as the charger is housed at the bottom of it. It’s very nifty.

JLab Go Air Pop Earbuds Features

Despite the low price point, these earbuds have a fairly decent list of features. For starters, the battery life is exceptional. The earbuds themselves can last up to eight hours on a full charge, which is likely to outlast whatever you need them for. On top of that, the case can carry an extra 24 hours of charge too. The earbuds have dual-connect functionality, and you can use them for calls thanks to a built-in microphone.

Courtesy of JLab

The biggest draw for me, at least with this set of earbuds, was the touch controls. You sort of have to go out of your way to memorize how many taps you’re going to need for what you want, but the ability to control volume, deal with calls, change the EQ, or even skip forward and backward through tracks and podcasts is great.

Plus, you can interact with your smartphone’s assistant with ease too. I also found the placement to be a little more intuitive than on some earbuds, so didn’t often change anything by accident.

JLab Go Air Pop Earbuds Audio Performance

While the audio range on these earbuds is good, I did find the sound to be a little tinny at times. This is more noticeable on podcasts than it was on music, but it’s going to be something you’ll likely pick up on. It’s hard to be too harsh on the JLab Go Air Pop, given the incredibly low price point, but if crystal clear quality of sound is the thing you’re most keen on, then it could be an issue.

Jason Coles | SPY

I also found the connection to be a little bit ropey at times. For unknown reasons, I’d find the connection temporarily breaking between my phone and the earbuds when out for a walk. It never lasted for a long time, but it’s worth noting.

The Verdict: Should You Buy the JLab Go Air Pop Earbuds

The JLab GO Air Pop earbuds are kind of a marvel considering how much they cost. While the sound quality isn’t perfect, it’s certainly better than you’d expect, and the earbuds are incredibly light if that’s something you desire.

Personally, I find the look of them to be a little too plain for my tastes, but I also think that the case is incredibly clever. With that, the touch controls are very well done, and I felt as though I didn’t change anything without intending to do so, which is better than some other earbuds I’ve tried.

Overall, I think you’d struggle to find a pair that packs in as many features at this price, and they’re certainly good enough to keep you listening to your music or podcast, or even having phone calls if it’s not something you’re doing all the time.