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We’ve Never Seen Anyone Not Be Scared By This Joker Lawn Accessory

* Life-size lawn accessory of everyone’s favorite DC supervillain
* Sports incredible accent details and is downright terrifying
* Scare your friends while showing off your love for all things Batman

Sure, Halloween may not be for another eight or nine months, but every day’s a good day for a scare when you’re the Joker. Complete with slick-back green hair, pointy nose and eerie wide smile, this Joker lawn accessory is quite possibly the creepiest, most cringe-worthy and coolest DC decoration ever made. At 36 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 10 inches tall, it’s also one of the biggest.

Instead of being modeled after Jack, Heath or even Jared, this Joker sports his iconic “Death of the Family” comic look, which means he’s extra creepy (and toothy). Originally published in 2012, this epic story arc centered on ole’ Joker here and is often considered one of DC’s best.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

Perfectly posed as if he’s clawing his way out of the ground, Joker comes holding his knife as if he’s ready to slash unsuspecting passersby. The Horror! And while a little assembly is required (like slotting the arms into the torso and attaching his little knife) Joker here is pretty much good to go right outside the box.

Whether you want to get a leg-up on your Halloween decorations, have a geek-loving friend who prefers DC to Marvel, or are a self-proclaimed Joker fanatic (they exist), this officially licensed lawn accessory is sure to be a scream.


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