Ready for Adventure: The JVC Quad Proof Is an All-Weather Friend

JVC Quad Proof camcorder
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* Waterproof digital HD video camera
* Shockproof against drops up to 5 feet
* Dust-proof and freeze-proof 

The JVC Everio Quad Proof GZ-R30 may not have the sexiest name of any handheld camcorder on the market, but it makes up for the alpha-numeric confusion with great optical clarity, a compact and user-friendly design and a long-lasting battery.

The Quad Proof’s main claim to fame is that it is waterproof to a depth of 16 feet and shockproof to 4.9 feet. In addition, it can comfortably shoot in below freezing temperatures down to 14º F. It is also rated IP5X dust proof, which makes it one of the few handheld action camcorders that you can bring to record video of the Dakar Rally. Or a circle track event. Or even a kid’s little league game.

The JVC Quad Proof’s durability combined with ease-of-use makes it one of the best camcorders for making good-old-fashioned home videos of kids, pets and vacations. It makes a great gift for spring birthdays, too, since it’s perfectly suited to capture high quality footage of pool parties, beach days and more.

JVC Everio GZ-R30 Quad Proof Full HD Digital Video Camera Camcorder

The built-in Konica Minolta lens is not only much sharper than the lens of an iPhone camera, but it also offers a 40x optical zoom. The camcorder’s viewfinder has a swiveling 3 inch touchscreen LCD with full width framing capability.

Thanks to an internal processor and 8 GB of internal memory, the JVC Quad Proof camcorder can also support some limited in-camera editing and offers effects modes including rough monochrome, marine mode, and “food mode”– which thankfully or sadly, doesn’t superimpose an image of Guy Fieri onto whatever you’re shooting. It does, however, optimize colors for close-up food porn.

The JVC Quad Proof GZ-R30 has an internal battery which offers about 4 hours of use and helps it be weatherproof; the camcorder is also compatible with portable batteries and can be charged via the included USB cable.

JVC has long been a leader in home video, and the Quad Proof series proves this should continue to be the case well into the digital era.

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