Get a Grip on Your Action Cam Footage With This GoPro Stabilizer

Karma Grip Go Pro Stabilizer
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* Shoot more secure footage on your Go Pro
* High quality stabilization and hand grip
* Compatible with most Go Pro mounts

The Karma Grip Go Pro stabilizer is one of the simplest and easiest ways to capture amazingly stable footage with a Go Pro Hero action cam. The Karma Grip includes a cinema-quality stabilizer along with a hand grip and built-in camera controls. It is compatible with most Go Pro mounts, letting you record beautiful, stabilized video whether you’re using a helmet mount, bike mount or body mount. With the Karma Grip, it’s possible to make the most of the Go Pro Hero 5’s impressive quality, and shoot well stabilized video that looks clean even at 60fps, letting you edit and apply effects like slow-motion and more.

This is one reason the Karma Grip is becoming known as a must-have accessory for extreme sports and adventure filming with the Go Pro; it lets you take your Go Pro footage from the shaky and homemade-looking, all the way to presentable YouTube or Vimeo quality shots and opens up lots of possibilities for editing.

It also allows the GoPro to be used as a handheld camera, thanks to the built in controls in the handle and the excellent stabilization the Karma Grip affords. An optional Karma Grip extension cable allows you to use the manual controls, while the stabilizer and camera itself are mounted to a helmet, backpack shoulder strap or other external mount. The Karma Grip is also compact and easy to carry into the field, making it suitable for mountaineering, rock climbing, ski trips and more. The advanced camera control that the Karma Grip offers even allows you to do things like add HiLight tags and change camera modes on the fly, as well as to start and stop recording with ease.

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