Little Listeners: The 7 Best Headphone Sets for Kids

7 Best Kids Headphone Sets
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* Headphones that are sure to please your little ones
* Lightweight, sleek and colorful options
* Options for big kids and little kids

Celebrities, especially musicians and their kids, are quite often seen sporting mini-headphones at concerts and events. As they usually have access to custom made and some of the more exclusive brands, it is hard to know what types to buy. While they all look cool, not all headphones are created equal, and children need specially designed ones for their sensitive and growing ears.

Specific criteria include default maximum sound volume (85 decibels is the most suitable to protect their ears from harm) and durability (food-grade materials and worry-free from any kinks or breaks) that might happen along the way. Other safety features include soft earpads, adjustable headbands and tangle-free cords.

We have done the work for you and found seven fantastic options that meet the strict criteria listed above and then some. All of our picks have excellent online reviews. They are a must for car rides, plane trips or hanging out at home. And they will not disappoint, as we all know kids can be the most discerning of consumers.

1. Bunny-Ears Headphones

The iClever BoostCare Kids Headphones are made especially with kids in mind. Designed with all the bells and whistles specific to kids headphones, they will not disappoint. Equipped with safe volume control technology, twistable, bendable and made with food-grade materials, the iClever headphones will please parents, while the adorable cat-inspired ears on top of the headphones will make the kids swoon.

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2. Purple Froggy Headphones

Next up are these unique and super comfortable headphones by Cozyphones. They feature ultra-thin, 1/8″ speakers and a durable cable. They’re a great alternative for kids who hate earbuds or struggle with over-the-ear headphones. Cozyphones are lightweight and washable with adjustable, removable speakers that provide a great fit and won’t fall off.

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3. Foldable Headphones

Anble’s Foldable Wired headphones are our next pick for the kiddies. Volume limited for safety, they also include a SharePort, which means no need for a splitter in order to share audio. They are foldable for convenience. They’re specially sized for children, lightweight and durably made to last a long time.  

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 4. Bat-Inspired Headphones

iClever headphones for kids have a durable, child-friendly design. Kids will love the soft silicon batwing design at the top, and you will enjoy the safe and comfortable listening environment provided to your kids. Safety features include volume-control circuitry to ensure safe sound levels for younger eardrums as well as twistable, bendable materials that are non-toxic, which is especially important when the headphones find their way into your kid’s mouth.

Headphones iClever Image courtesy of Amazon


 5. On-Ear Headphones

Our next option is these stylish headphones by Ailihen. With an array of unique and fun color options, your kids can have a blast choosing their favorite. You will appreciate all the included features, such as safe volume control, adjustable headband and soft padded ear cushions, which ensure a perfect fit for your ever-growing children. A foldable design and durable materials make for easy storage to shove in a backpack or suitcase for easy travel.

Headphones AILIHEN Image courtesy of Amazon


 6. Pro Premium Volume Headphones

The LilGadgets Connect+ wired headphones have an award-winning design and function that are sized for slightly older kids (6+). These durable, padded, over-the-ear phones contain metal extenders to create lasting durability that withstands rough children’s play. Featuring the popular SharePort function to make sharing easier between siblings and friends, they come with a travel pouch and have a long braided nylon cord to prevent tangles.


 7. In-Ear Corded Headset

Our last option is the LilGadgets BestBuds Headphones. These earbuds come with three earbud tips of varying size to ensure a great fit. They are recommended for older kids (6+). For those who choose less bulk and/or more low-profile earphones, these LilGadgets earbuds are the ideal solution. They come complete with a tangle-free audio cable, inline microphone with play, pause and answer functionality, hard travel case pouch and SharePort adapter to make sharing media easy on everyone.

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