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Lived-In Review: The Kodak Mini Shot Instant Camera

* A nostalgic camera with upgraded modern features
* Print instant photos or share to social with Bluetooth Connectivity
* Add filters, effects, and different borders before taking your shot

As someone who just hasn’t been able to join the 21st century and part ways with tangible photo prints, I make a point to bring along an instant camera, disposable camera, my DSLR, and of course my smartphone to take pictures with on any vacation or photo-worthy occasion that I attend.

While I love the instant gratification–and ability to immediately post to social–that my iPhone allows for, I also have irrational fear of not being able to have a tangible token of memories to show my kids one day (a little neurotic, I know).

As a former Polaroid collector, I really cherish the old-school instant photo process as well. But since it’s somewhat difficult and pricey to get your hands on non-expired film now days, the newer models cropping up on the market are nostalgic place holders that (almost) fill the void. Unfortunately, many of the new-generation instant cameras come with a ton of downside that simply just don’t lived up to their now-extinct predecessors.

Lazy loaded image


is my favorite modern-day instant camera that I’ve tested out so far, because although it comes with all the technological updates you’d like it to, the prints actually look like they were taken on a vintage film camera, without sacrificing clarity.

What I also love about the

, is that it has the ability to print out an instant prints, like an old-fashioned Polaroid camera, but it also lets you sync your shots to your phone using Bluetooth and the accompanying app so you can keep your print and update your Insta. Apparently, you really can have your cake and eat it too.

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As mentioned above, unlike other instant cameras, Kodak’s actually has an incredible color profile without having to purchase different types of film. You can also get creative with your vision and apply different filters (black & white, sepia, etc.) or choose from a range of border styles before snapping your shot.

To be honest, even when you leave the camera on its default settings, the clarity, texture, and color balance this little printer/camera hybrid yields is pretty impressive. It’s designed with built-in auto focus, exposure, white balance and gamma correction, giving you the best results possible. For instance, the above photos were all taken on the default settings and were not edited in post. Not bad, right?

If you take a shot and aren’t satisfied with the outcome or simply don’t think it’s worthy enough to justify wasting a print, you can elect to not print it and save it to the app using Bluetooth connectivity instead.

The one downside is that it does die pretty quickly, but think about it, it’s functioning as a hand-held printer, camera, and Bluetooth transmitter, so a short battery life really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Fortunately, it comes with a charger and a quick 30-minute or so charge is all it takes to get the camera back to full capacity.