Lived-In Review: The Kodak Printomatic Camera

Kodak Printomatic review
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Ready for instant print and share photography
* Combine the nostalgia of analog photography with Zero-Ink® printing
* For only $69.99 taking memorable photos just got a lot easier

Be fast like the Kodak Printomatic and get started shooting photographs that will print right before your eyes and at your fingertips. With the Kodak Printomatic, you can print Zero-Ink photographs that resemble a nostalgic analog look, without having to spend a fortune on analog film and ink.

Kodak Printomatic Image courtesy of Amazon

High-quality photography and reliability are at the core of Kodak’s foundation, which is why the Kodak Printomatic is made with a 10-megapixel print camera, requires no film or ink, and prints durable waterproof, tear-resistant 2″x 3″ photographs. This makes a great gift for anyone trying to hold and share memories the moment they’re made.

Kodak Printomatic Image courtesy of Amazon

We had the chance to review the new Kodak Printomatic. So, don’t just take it from Kodak, take it from us too, when we say the camera prints solid quality pictures.

Kodak Printomatic

We took three photos, one in black and white, and two in daylight. The first photo shows a low-lit, tan building with blue sky, but with an underexposed tree. Although the tree was not meant to be underexposed nor was it meant to appear black, the image looks clear with a retro touch. The photo of the front desk tests the camera shadows and blacks, depicting some clean black lines and color depth from the brown wood.

Kodak Printomatic

Finally, the black and white photo of the car, with its crisp vintage look, reminiscent of 80s Polaroid photography, makes an excellent example of Kodak Printomatic’s unique picture quality.

Whether you’re looking for an instant-print camera to shoot pictures outdoors, at a wedding, or for the holiday party, the Kodak Printomatic is a great and affordable pick-up — and a solid alternative to other instant film cameras out there.

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