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Battle Feel: This Haptic Gaming Vest is a Real Sock in the Chest

* Easy to use and sync up
* Pinpoint haptic feedback without delay
* Cross Media Synchronization lets it work with movies and music too

If your gaming experience needs a hard-hitting upgrade, a haptic gaming vest lets you feel the action like never before. This gaming vest from KOR-FX offers complete customization so you can make sure its settings match your vibe. With its unique synced environmental feedback, you can get an incredibly immersive gaming experience.

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Thanks to highly advanced synchronization that cues each shudder and pulse of the vest’s internal motors to the action on screen, this haptic vest delivers full contact thrills without annoying delays or hesitation.

The vest itself is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for a long session of Tekken 7 or your favorite action game. Design-wise, the haptic vest has a cool, utilitarian vibe that recalls Laser Tag vests.

The KOR-FX haptic gaming vest also boasts among the most pinpoint and precise “acousto-haptics” in the industry, letting you not only see and hear the action, but feel the action in compatible PC, PS4 and Xbox One games, too. Thanks to its cross media immersion feature, the KOR-FX haptic gaming vest also synchs up with movies and music. It can bring the action home with a buzz cued up by the explosions in an action movie, or even let you feel the beat with a haptically-enhanced bass line.

This way, the KOR-FX vest can enhance the experience of everything from The Avengers to Beethoven’s 9th. Not just for gaming, the party possibilities of this “pulse-pounding” vest are endless.

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