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Maze Merch: The 10 Best Gifts for Labyrinth Fans

* A selection of fun gift ideas for fans of the 80s classic, Labyrinth
* Includes action figures, calendars, slippers and coloring books
* A great way to bring back some of your favorite childhood feels

As fans of this children’s classic know, Labyrinth was a lesson in being careful what you wish for. But if what you have been wishing for is a selection of Labyrinth-inspired items, then your luck is in. Not only is the movie coming back to theaters, it’s also spawned a collection of memorabilia and collectors items.

Whether you’ve loved the cult-classic film since its original release in 1986 or have come to it more recently, there’s no better way to celebrate your love for Jim Henson’s masterpiece than by filling your home with these awesome items.

Our film-themed list include items for every fan of the movie. Whether you prefer looking, listening, wearing or even drawing on your Labyrinth merchandise, there’s something that will speak to you. So jump in and find a gift worthy of even Babe of Power himself. Just don’t get lost in our selection.

1. “Should You Need Us” Fine Art Print

This fine art print is a beautiful piece to adorn the walls of any true Labyrinth fan. It shows a thoughtfully composed scene, which will transport you back to your favorite memories of this classic film. Not only will you love the picture of the most memorable characters, the borderless print also features one of the most emotion-evoking quote from the whole film “Should you need us…”   

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2. Funko POP Labyrinth – Ludo Action Figure

This Funko POP action figure is an ideal gift for fans who prefer something they can grab hold of. Standing at 6 inches tall, Ludo, the film’s gentle giant, would look splendid on any shelf or table around your house. The figurine also comes in a window display box, so that it can be enjoyed without breaking the seal. This fun Ludo doll is part of a bigger set and makes a wonderful start to a bigger collection.  


3. Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Adult Coloring Book

For the artistically inclined, there are few better ways to combine the things you love than with a coloring book. With this Labyrinth-inspired book, you’ll be able to work your way through 40 black-and-white illustrations from the film. These coloring pages feature your favorite characters, such as Ludo, the Goblin King and Sarah. A great gift for adults and kids alike, this book is ideal whether you stay in the lines or not.

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4. Labyrinth Jareth T-Shirt

A true gift for all the Bowie fans out there, this Jareth the Goblin King t-shirt features Bowie in arguably his most recognizable movie role. Made from 100% cotton, the blue and purple design on the front is fitting of this music legend. Plus the shirt gives fans a wearable way to pay tribute to the artist’s many talents.

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5. Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Jareth the Goblin King Figure

If the idea of having a 1/10-scale figure of the Goblin King from Labyrinth appeals, you are in luck. Created using the vision of Jareth from the film’s unforgettable ballroom sequence, this impressively detailed model comes with a crystal orb and masquerade mask to complete the scene. Make sure you get the most out of this officially-licensed figure by displaying it on the Labyrinth-branded base.

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6. Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Vinyl LP

If talking about the film has brought all of your memories flooding back, no product will help keep you there than a copy of the original soundtrack. Digitally remastered, this Vinyl LP includes the entire 1986 soundtrack and even replicates the artwork from the original release. You’ll be reveling in the wonder of David Bowie and Trevor Jones’ work for hours.

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7. Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History

Stuffed full of exclusive cast and crew interviews, photos from the amazing sets and rare sketches, the visual history of Labyrinth shows the ins and outs of production. The book begins with a foreword by the Babe with the Power himself. Then, you’ll discover plenty of fact-filled pages and a plethora of interesting pictures from the various artists, costume designers and model creators who came together to make Labyrinth a success.

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8. Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Board Game

Take on Jim Henson’s Labyrinth yourself with a board game based on the 80s classic. Choose from the five collectible figures and jump into the Goblin City, the Bog of Eternal Stench and of course, Jareth’s Castle. You’ll have a great time as you and up to four friends fight your way through the maze to save baby Toby from the Goblin King’s evil clutches.


9. Labyrinth ‘Ello Worm Plush Slippers

From first glance, these may appear to be nothing more than a pair of worms, but on closer inspection, you’ll find that they’re actually a plush pair of slippers. Styled on everyone’s favorite ‘Ello Worm, the super cute footwear puts a layer of warmth between you and your cold floors. These slippers are definitely a fun gift for any Labyrinth fan who loved the dapper little worm – and, really, who didn’t?

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10. The Jim Henson Novel Box Set

You may have loved Labyrinth for years and never realized the film was actually made into a full prose adaptation. And that doesn’t apply just to Labyrinth. Other Jim Henson’s beloved works were treated to the same honor, too. Inside this set, you’ll receive the Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal: The Novelization along with The Storyteller written by Anthony Minghella. The final book boasts numerous awards and sparked an Emmy Award-winning TV series. Each installment of this novel box set also features additional archive material.

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