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The iRobot Land Drone Makes Playtime Seriously Fun Again

* HD camera can stream and record video
* Comes with a 12.8V lithium-ion rechargeable battery
* Nine separate motors help it maneuver over rough terrain 

Say hello to the iRobot 710 Kobra Land Drone – a.k.a. the coolest robot on the block. From being able to pour a drink without spilling a drop to meticulously playing miniature golf in the backyard, this remote-controlled bot is able to grab and carry items with ease. This unique iRobot boasts not one, not two, but nine individually-controlled motors to help it maneuver on both rough and smooth surfaces. It can even climb stairs.

Pivot steering with a 360-degree turning radius and an adjustable track drive make controlling it a breeze, and with articulated treads and four-wheel drive, this little robot packs a pretty powerful punch.

A state-of-the-art HD camera equipped with night vision functionality lets you stream and send real-time video straight to your mobile phone so you can see exactly what your robot sees. It’s also equipped with a 12.8 volt battery, so the fun can go on and on…and on.

The iRobot’s fully articulated 39” arm helps the Kobra finagle its way into those hard-to-reach areas. The claw, which extends and retracts on command, can carry items weighing up to six ounces.

R/C toys have come a long way, and the 710 Kobra is clearly a step up in terms of functionality and materials. The claw’s bendable plastic make this little machine extremely limber, helping it securely clutch and transport nearby items.

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