Don’t Just Learn; Learn Better

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* How we learn is just as important as what we learn
* Six key steps to improve the way we take in information
* Written by educator at leading American think tank

Everybody learns differently. Some people do an amazing job at memorizing information, only to forget everything right after their big test or presentation. Others rely on word tricks and mnemonics, while still others require visual aids, like flash cards or diagrams.

You see, the way to retain information often isn’t so much about what you’re learning, but how you learn. And that’s the basis of “Learn Better,” a new book by Ulrich Bose, a journalist, researcher and educator at the Center for American Progress.

Sub-titled, “Mastering the Skills for Success in Life, Business, and School, or, How to Become an Expert in Just About Anything,” the book argues that you aren’t just supposed to study facts and regurgitate them when needed. Instead, you have to make learning personal.

In this easy-to-read book, Boser covers six key steps on how to learn, all illustrated with fascinating stories – like how Jackson Pollock developed his unique painting style and why an ancient Japanese counting device allows kids to do math at superhuman speeds.

Boser’s witty, engaging writing makes this book feel like a guilty pleasure, not homework, and it’ll challenge you to re-think the way you see facts and process information.

It turns out we can re-train our brains to gain new skills and take in a wealth of data that we didn’t know possible. Pick up this new book and see why your brain is even smarter – and better – than you think.

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