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Whether for Etsy or Instagram, Shoot Better Pics With This Portable Light Box

* 24-inch light box is fully collapsible and extremely portable
* Ultra-bright LED lights are built to last up to 20,000 hours
* Kit includes four separate infinity backgrounds and a detachable arm

Smartphone cameras have come a long way in the last few years. Sure, they may not be able to capture details with the same clarity as, say, an Olympus DSLR, but they’re more than adequate for the general photographer. As more people start utilizing these high-quality phone cameras, there’s naturally a growing market for high-quality photography setups.

Cue the SHOTBOX, an insanely smart and versatile mini photo studio in a handy kit. Meant specifically for smartphones, (but also for tablets and regular cameras) this photography kit utilizes 24 inches of built-in LED light strips to help provide the perfect backdrop for your shots.

Set it on the kitchen table to capture your latest culinary creation, or place it in your office to help add a professional layer to your product pics. It also includes a dimmer switch and the option to toggle where you want to center your light.

Unlike other photography kits, the SHOTBOX is mobile in every sense of the word, with the ability to set up and collapse with a moment’s notice. Best of all, it’s made with extremely high-quality plastic, so you won’t have to worry about it fraying or breaking over time.

What’s more, the SHOTBOX also includes a host of bonus items. With four different infinity backgrounds, a detachable SideShot arm extension and an incredibly helpful glare shield, this is one photography kit you won’t want to miss.

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