Love at Length: The 6 Best Books for Dealing With a Long-Distance Relationship

long distance relationship books
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* Long-distance relationships are more common than ever
* LDRs present a unique set of issues for creating and sustaining love
* Learn how to build a connection with a long-distance partner using these 6 books

Smartphones, the internet and social media have made it easier than ever to maintain a long-distance relationship. However, being miles apart isn’t ideal for most couples. But, with hard work and dedication, LDRs can “go the distance.” Learn the best strategies for creating successful love from afar using these 6 relationship books

1. 10,000 Miles for Love

Get your long distance relationship advice from someone who knows a thing or two about LDRs. Milena Nguyen was born in Vietnam, lives in Singapore and is married to a Brazilian. She has been in a long distance relationship for over 9 years and is a relationship coach. Inside 10,000 Miles for Love,  you’ll read touching stories, discover insights on how to feel close to your partner and step-by-step guides on how to overcome the challenges of distant love.

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2. 401 Great Discussion Questions For Couples in Long Distance Relationships

After months of being apart, you and your partner probably have the same, mundane phone conversations every day. Go beyond the ordinary with these discussion questions. From life’s biggest questions to the smallest, everyday details you don’t usually think about, the 401 questions in this book will keep you talking effortlessly for hours. Discover a new side of your partner and become closer, even if you are thousands of miles apart. And if you’re struggling to think of a gift for your LDR partner, give him or her this book as a way to provoke a deeper connection.

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3. From Stranger To Lover

Whether you’ve just met someone new or you’re in an established relationship that suddenly needs to become long distance, From Stranger To Lover can help you avoid the pitfalls of LDRs. Each chapter focuses on a common mistake and provides an easy solutions for couples. From rushing intimacy to coming across as too needy, identify your relationship’s strengths and weaknesses using the information provided in this book. 

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4. Love at the Speed of Email

Occasionally reading about someone else’s experience can help you better cope with your own. Lisa McKay has beautifully written her own experience with life and love at a distance in Love at the Speed of Email . At 31, Lisa took a chance on love halfway around the world, and after a life of adventure, she is forced to confront the idea of “home.” Her book has touched many who find themselves in long distance relationships. The pages are filled with advice on how to reconcile the challenges of far-away love.

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5. The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages is a book everyone in a relationship should read, whether it’s a long-distance relationship or not. A New York Times bestseller for 8 years, the book provides simple ideas for a more fulfilling, long-lasting love. Inside the covers, Dr. Gary Chapman details a unique approach to showing and receiving love. This approach helps couples experience richer intimacy. This communication is particularly applicable to LDRs, and the new edition even includes updated chapters on relationships in the modern, ultra-connected world.

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6. Intellectual Foreplay

Intellectual Foreplay is a manual of sorts for relationships. The book works to identify problems and provide answers to some of the biggest issues in relationships. Some of the chapters detail the role of self-esteem in love, identifying the beliefs and values of your partner and finding a better way to open communication. Once it gives you the answers to your relationship problems, Intellectual Foreplay also provides guidelines for acting on those answers, making this book ideal for creating and sustaining a long-distance relationship.

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