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Review: We Love the Lume Cube, the Ultimate Lighting Hack for Remote Work and Live Streaming

The compact lighting options from Lume Cube existed long before the Covid-19 pandemic transformed workplaces and family gatherings — at least temporarily — into online virtual events. Now, with Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and other relevant software, more business and personal encounters are moving out of the physical world and into the internet. Not only did many of us suddenly start worrying about how we look on a computer screen, but we’ve also had to redecorate to create the perfect Zoom background. In both cases, the secret isn’t just a high-quality webcam, but also have the right lighting setup.

We’ve written regularly about the best ring lights and video conference kits since the pandemic began, and even though it’s not technically a ring light, the Lume Cube is always one of our top recommendations. It’s just fate that a virus came along and scared many of us inside our homes for months at a time, and the shift toward remote work put the entire Lume Cube line front and center. Both newcomers to the online conferencing world or users hoping to improve their presentations can put the Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit to work quickly and easily.

When you join a lot of virtual meetings, the Lume Cube could be exactly what you need to make a positive first impression.

For about $70, depending on the deals you hunt down, the Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit clips directly onto your laptop for fast and easy professional lighting. For a little more money, the Lume Cube 2.0 also provides daylight-balanced, diffused light in brightness levels controllable in increments. The latter kit arrives with a DSLR mount, modification frame and light softening diffuser.

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Review: What We Love About the Lume Cube Lighting Kit

Instead of wrangling with a ring light and tripod, the Lume Cube is a genuine no-brainer to use. The Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit sets up quickly and easily, and the manual adjustment controls are fully instinctive. Those are important considerations since many buyers are new to video conferencing and are picking up their first lighting kit with this Lume Cube. Once you get the hang of the manual controls, you can take advantage of the kit’s Bluetooth ability and wirelessly control the kit with the Lume-X App for iPhone and Android.

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Best Feature: Toughness

While we don’t recommend you abusing any Lume Cube items just to confirm a point, you can really beat the snot out of the Video Conference Lighting elements without damaging them. The main light unit is compact and lightweight, but sealed up in impact-resistant aluminum to stand up to the rigors of transport. This isn’t an invite to skip your Lume Cube across your front lawn. It just means there’s never a need to panic if it tumbles off the desk.

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What We Didn’t Like About Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit

The pure light from the Lume Cube Kit is strong by design. Rest assured that the lighting system does its job thoroughly, and that kind of light can be unforgiving, even at its lower levels. Since the overall effect of the Lume design can be a little harsh in intimate virtual conference conditions, you need to be looking your best — bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready for your closeup shot. If you’re an online video communicator who like to hide an imperfection or two in mild lighting, you’ve been warned.


The Verdict: Remote Work Has Made This a Necessity for Professionals

Anyone can conduct a virtual chat, meeting or friendly gathering with just ambient or standard room lighting. There are no rules against it, and few would object to it in casual communal times. That said, if you want a more professional, more visually appealing look to your online appearances, the tough, powerful and simple Lume Cube Video Lighting Kit will solve any environmental luminescent problems right out of the box.

While there are cheaper ring lights and video conferencing kits, the Lume Cube is still our top pick. It’s also earned more than 2,100 5-star reviews and counting on Amazon, where it’s available via Prime.

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