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Lytro Light Field Camera Lets You Focus Your Shots After You Take a Picture

* Measures just 4 inches in length
*  Digital image sensor captures sharper colors and more light
*  Takes better pictures without having to wait for your camera to focus

While it may look like a stylish tube of lipstick, the Lytro Light Field Camera uses revolutionary light imaging technology to help you take better pictures. A powerful micro-lens with a built-in digital image sensor captures more colors and light. 

Here’s what makes the Lytro so unique: the lens is able to capture light from every direction, which it then uses to create a 3D map of your images. You can alter, crop, zoom in and more without ever sacrificing image quality.

There’s also no shutter delay or autofocus — you can take better pictures instantly without having to wait for your camera to adjust. Choose what to designate as the foreground and background after you take a shot.

Packed with 8GB of internal storage, you can save up 350 pictures at a time or you can load them onto your smartphone and computer to save and share online. With the Lytro photo app, you can edit, alter and retouch your photos over and over.

Two shooting modes let you change between macro shots and an impressive POV mode. And with a powerful 8x optical zoom lens equipped with a f/2 aperture, you’re able to give your shots even more versatility.

A beautiful back-lit LCD touchscreen lets you do basically anything with a single tap. And with four different colors, you’re sure to find one that tickles your fancy.

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