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We Missed Mario Day On March 10th But This Calendar Will Help Us Keep Track For Next Time

* Save the date, from Bowser
* A 3D, Mario-themed calendar
* Official Nintendo merch

We might have missed Mario Day (that’s Mar 10– get it?) this year but we’ve now found the most super Mario-themed way to keep track of what day it is, in the form of this Mario blocks calendar. Star Wars fans among us can also use it to get ready for “May the 4th.”

This sculptural calendar looks like a an object taken straight out of N64-era Mario games, and the months and days are in the form of Mario World’s favorite type of item. That is: boxes you open by jumping up and punching them. Never miss a plumbing job appointment again, and give yourself a new, more fun way to avoid that procrastinator’s excuse of not knowing what day it is. This Mario calendar will thus doubtless be a boon to freelancers, or at least to the editors and clients of said freelancers.

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Courtesy ThinkGeek

Countdown to the release of the next Mario game, or to just the weekend and your next scheduled Mario Kart tournament. You can customize this calendar to any date that exists, as well as some dates that don’t! Want to set it to April 31st? February 30th? Be our guest. Confuse the heck out of your guests while you’re at it.

Either way, this 3D figural Mario calendar, officially licensed Nintendo merch, sure makes a cool addition to any desktop or workspace. Give yourself a “one up” when it comes to time management and make the waiting game more like some game you’d actually like to play, classic Mario 64 for instance. Now, if only they could make your commute more like that penguin slide…