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Go Loud or Go Home: Marshall Redesigned New Bluetooth Speaker Line for Performance

When it comes to sound, size matters.

Marshall has long had a reputation for great sound quality and attractive designs, but they redesigned their new home line-up to produce an even wider soundstage — according to Marshall, one so wide “it will chase you around the room.” These new Bluetooth speakers are undoubtedly making noise in the space.


What We Love About the New Marshall Home Line

This redesign brings a lot to the table. The new generation of speakers have their tweeters angled outwards, with updated waveguides that deliver better overall sound quality. They also have a Placement Compensation feature that will help deliver well-balanced sound even around walls and past reflective surfaces.

Combine that with the built-in Dynamic Loudness, and you have a line of speakers that adjusts tonal balance to give you great sound even if the volume is turned down low.

Despite these smart features, the speakers don’t overcomplicate themselves. All of the controls you need are found directly on the frame, including the power and Bluetooth buttons, volume dials, bass and treble controls and more. You can control your music without reaching for your phone or computer.

Perhaps the best feature of these speakers is their compatibility. They work with Bluetooth 5.2 and 3.5mm inputs, as well as as HDMI on the Woburn III. The wireless connections mean you’ll have consistent over-the-air updates. The Marshall Bluetooth app lets you access these updates and more advanced settings.

Finally, if you worry about the sustainability of your devices, you’ll be glad to hear the Marshall speakers are PVC-free and made of roughly 70% recycled plastic and with only vegan materials.

Here are some other details about each speaker:

Marshall Action III

It’s the most affordable option, but don’t let the price fool you. This new Marshall speaker boasts two 15-watt amps for the tweeters and one 30-watt amp for the woofer to fill a room with sound. In addition to the notes above, you get:

  • Three colors options: black, cream, brown
  • Max sound output of 95 dB
  • A frequency range of 45-20,000 Hz

Marshall Action III


Marshall Stanmore III

This is Marshall’s mid-range option. It’s a bit larger than the Action and weighs in at just over nine pounds, but more than makes up for it with the 50-watt amp for the woofer and the two 15-watt amps for the tweeters. In addition to the notes above, you get:

  • Three color options: black, cream, brown
  • Max sound output of 97 dB
  • Frequency range of 45-20,000 Hz

Marshall Stanmore III


Marshall Woburn III

This is the top-of-the-line speaker, and it shows. At over 16 pounds, this speaker produces a huge amount of sound thanks to its 90-watt amp for the woofer, the pair of 15-watt amps for the mids and the dual 15-watt amps for the tweeters. In addition to the notes above, you get:

  • Two color options: black and cream
  • Sound output of 100.5 dB
  • Frequency range of 35-20,000 Hz

Marshall Woburn III


Pricing and Availability

The Action III carries an MSRP of $279, while the Stanmore III is priced at $379 and the Woburn III at $579. There are no details on availability yet, but we expect Marshall to release these soon.


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