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The Iconic Marshall Amp Lives On in Portable Form With the New Emberton Speaker

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Few things say good loud music like the Marshall amp. Marshall stacks have been the iconic backdrop for groups all the way back to The Who and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. (We do recommend treating your speakers better than Pete Townshend, of course.)

Those giant amp stacks still exist, but do you really want one in your house or apartment? Wait, scratch that, Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy — do you really need one in your place? Of course not. But what if you could get that great Marshall sound in a much more portable and convenient form?

That would be the Marshall Emberton Speaker, which gives you the sound and the iconic look of Marshall amplifiers in a modern smart speaker.

The Emberton compact portable speaker uses Marshall’s True Stereophonic technology to give you true 360-degree quality sound. Every spot in the room is a sweet spot for the Emberton; no more pointing and listening and adjusting to make sure it delivers to your seating area.

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marshall emberton speaker Courtesy of Marshall

The multi-directional control knob lets you play, pause, skip or advance tracks and adjust your volume, and it’s also your power switch. It’s the easiest interface imaginable, and the Bluetooth 5.0 tech gives you a seamless and reliable connection within 30 feet.

With a full charge, the Emberton can crank tunes for an amazing 20+ hours. A full recharge takes only 3 hours, and a quick 20-minute boost will give you five full hours of playtime. Give it a quick boost for a party, then plug it in overnight for the full recharge.

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The sound is pure Marshall power in a tiny package. The Emberton maxes out at 87 decibels at one meter, driven by two 10-watt Class D amps. It’s truly remarkable power for such a small (2.68 x 6.30 x 2.99 inches) and light (24.6 ounces) portable speaker. The cabinet itself, which is a dead ringer for the classic Marshall amp, is durable enough for you to throw it into a bag and take it on the go. This speaker also boasts an IPX7 waterproof rating should you get caught in the rain.

A vintage Marshall half-stack weighs 41 pounds and costs over three grand. Plus, it won’t port with your phone via Bluetooth like the Emberton. For the weight of the half-stack you could have nearly 27 Embertons, and you could fit over 64 Embertons in the space of a half-stack. Most importantly, you could buy over 20 Embertons for the cost of a half-stack. And then you could create your own stack, and Pete Townshend the heck out of it if you so desired! But maybe just stick to one for $150, and give your place a great-looking sound upgrade that evokes the glory days of classic rock.

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