Marshall’s Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones are on Sale Right Now

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Marshall is a legendary brand in the world of speakers, and the brand is best known for making amplifiers that have been a staple of rock concerts for nearly 60 years. But you don’t have to be a guitar virtuoso to buy something from Marshall — the brand branched out into the world of consumer audio in 2010, and has since produced headphones, wireless earbuds and portable Bluetooth speakers.

Marshall’s speakers and headphones are some of the most stylish options on the market. They have a decidedly retro look, but with their pedigree, it’s more than just homage or pastiche. Right now, some of Marshall’s speakers and headphones are on sale for as much as $100 off from Amazon and Target.


1. Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Portable Speaker

For a compact speaker you can take just about anywhere, consider Marshall’s Emberton Bluetooth speaker. Despite its small size and weight (only 1.5 pounds), the speaker has 360° sound and 20 hours of battery life. It has a sturdy silicone exterior, metal grille and IPX7 water resistance, so even if you treat this Marshall like Pete Townshend treated his, your speaker would be just fine. This speaker is currently $20 off the $150 list price.

marshall deal Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker

Many people turn to smart speakers for their homes, but that’s not the answer for everyone. If you just want a reliable Bluetooth speaker for at-home listening sessions, you could do worse than the Marshall Stanmore II. It’s around the size of a bookshelf speaker, so you can set it on a side table or on a shelf. You can connect using a 3.5mm or RCA cables. It’s worth noting that this is not a battery-powered speaker; you’ll need to plug this unit in. This speaker is $100 off right now, dropping the price down to $250.

marshall deal Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. Marshall Major IV

If you’re going to go around with a pair of headphones on your head all day, it stands to reason that you might want them to be pretty good-looking. Marshall’s Major IV headphones have a stylish, retro-tinged design with a leatherette headband and the cursive Marshall logo on the earcups. These wireless headphones have up to 80 hours of wireless playback. Just 15 minutes of charging can provide up to 15 hours of listening, and you can even wirelessly charge these headphones. The multi-directional control knob pauses, plays, skips and controls the volume. Right now, these headphones are $50 off.

marshall deal Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker

The Marshall Acton II is a more compact alternative to the Marshall Stanmore II, but this speaker offers many of the same features. Like the Stanmore, this is a plugged-in Bluetooth speaker that’s ideal for at-home listening. You can connect using either Bluetooth or an auxiliary cord. It’s currently 19% off from Target, dropping the price down to $200.

marshall deal Image Courtesy of Target

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