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Marshall Brings Their Legendary Sound to Their New Wireless Speaker, The Middleton

The geniuses at the audio powerhouse Marshall, who has been delivering us crisp and unforgettable sounds for 60 years and running, have released their latest groove-inducing wireless speaker: The Middleton. This new offering is far from Marshall’s first foray into Bluetooth speakers. We crowned their Stockwell II and Emberton II models as having the best overall design and best retro design, respectively out of the crowded field of Bluetooth speakers in 2022.

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Middleton Features That We’re Excited About

For starters just look at this beautiful speaker. We find that many tech companies tend to lean toward a flashier design to capture the attention of prospective buyers. Still, we love and respect the simple yet iconic design of the Middleton. It could easily be a staple piece on your home’s shelf or be tucked away inconspicuously for a more modern look.

Now if the gold detailing hasn’t quite sold you on this speaker, maybe these quick tech specs might:

  • 20+ hours of playback on a single charge
  • 4.5 hours to get a full charge
  • Multi-directional stereo sound
  • Max sound output of 87 dB
  • A frequency range of 50-20,000 Hz

What stands out to us the most out of these specs is the 20+ hours of continuous playback, which is enough juice to quite literally keep the party going almost all day, despite the objections of your neighbors. Pairing that feature with the speaker’s ability to turn into a power bank when your phone battery is getting low makes this speaker the ultimate portable listening machine.

In terms of pure audio features, Marshall is utilizing what they’re calling True Stereophonic to deliver binaural sound that will fill your room with 360 degrees of thumping. The quad-speaker setup is said to ensure the “ultimate immersive experience” where “every spot is a sweet spot.”

Other unique features that have us daydreaming of owning one of these are its build of 55% post-consumer recycled plastic, its IP67 water resistance for those days by the pool, and its top-mounted controls that let you tweak the bass and treble levels right on the speaker without the use of their app (though their app is pretty awesome too).

Pricing And Availability

The Middleton is set to retail for $299. It’s available now, as expected, through Marshall’s website. We anticipate big box retailers to follow in the near future.


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