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Marshall’s Newest Earbuds Are All About Freedom

If you sit and think about it, it’s kind of crazy to consider the developments in the headphone space and just how dominant Bluetooth headphones have become. Sure, some still decry the lack of a headphone jack on an iPhone, but for the most part, consumers have fully embraced wireless headphones as part of their daily lives. Brands like Marshall and its lineup of products prove it is easy to make great-sounding earbuds embraced by music lovers and tech fans alike.

Case-in-point, the brand is debuting two new products in its true wireless series today with the Minor III and the Motif A.N.C.

The Minor III is the brand’s new entry-level true wireless product. Like AirPods in its design and functionality (albeit with a decidedly Marshall approach), the Minor III features a simple pair-and-go function; there’s no need to fuss over tuning the EQ. You pull the earbuds out of their textured case, put them into your ears, and go. That’s it.

The 12 mm drivers feature a smooth mid, powerful bass, and bright highs to offer a well-rounded sound to your favorite music. The earbuds themselves hold about four hours’ worth of battery life, while a full-charged case features enough for four recharges. Plus, the buds themselves include easy-to-use touch controls and IPX4 water resistance to ensure rainy days don’t get in the way of you and your music.

Marshall Minor III Wireless Earbuds

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The other exciting launch is the Motif A.N.C., which marks the brand’s first foray into active noise cancelation for earbuds. While the Minor III ditched EQ settings, the Motif provides you as much control over your audio as you’d like while providing full ANC that you can control.

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Yes, you’ll have the option to scale the active noise cancelation up or down depending upon your environment and your specific wants or needs at the time. The sealed fit allows for a passive cancelation, too, embracing a holistic noise cancelation approach. Much like the Minor III, you’ll be able to control the most-used functions through the earbuds themselves. Oh, and the Motif feature about 4.5-hour battery life.

Marshall Motif A.N.C. Wireless Earbuds

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While Marshall has been a little slow to embrace a deep suite of truly wireless earbuds, it’s making up for the lost time by taking a measured, thoughtful approach to their new product offerings, thus providing the freedom to make a selection that works best for listeners daily needs. That’s a philosophy we certainly appreciate. And you may likely feel the same way.

You can purchase the Minor III and pre-order the Motif A.N.C. on Marshall’s web store beginning today.


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