Feminine Fandom: The 9 Best Accessories For Girls Who Love Marvel, Star Wars and More

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* 9 fun accessories for female fans of Marvel, Star Trek and more
* Quirky items show your love for fictional characters and worlds
* Items include lightsaber earrings, a Wonder Woman spa set and a Thor wristlet

In an age where science fiction, comic books, and graphic novels have conquered the world, it’s no surprise that fans want to represent their favorite superhero or film character in their clothing and accessories. However, in a domain that often feels dominated by merchandise marketed towards male fans, finding fun items for females can be challenging. Here’s a selection of fun items that showcase your love of these fictional figures without sacrificing your femininity.

1. Star Trek Friendship Necklace

If you and your best friend have a friendship on the same level as James T. Kirk and Spock, show it off with this attractive 2-piece pendant. The Starfleet insignia-shaped piece splits into two allowing you and your bestie to each carry a piece with you (two necklaces are included). You can even rejoin the halves to read the immortal words once spoken by Spock, “I have been, and always shall be, your friend.”  

star trek necklace think geek Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi BB-9E Coin Bag

If you watched The Last Jedi and you found yourself thinking how great a career in the First Order would be, this BB-9E Coin Bag could be your favorite new companion. If you detest rebel scum, this robot-shaped bag is ideal for holding your coins and other small items while identifying your First Order allegiance. The officially licensed coin bag features a zipped opening and a key ring attachment.

marvel bb-9 coin purse think geek Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


3. Thor’s Hammer Wristlet

Whosoever holds this wristlet, if they be worthy, shall possess the power and ability to carry their day-to-day items conveniently. Inside the zippered compartment, you can fit your necessary items, and the faux leather handle allows you to carry the wristlet, or swing it around in a Thor-esque manner. However, be warned: you may find yourself with an endless line of people asking to pick it up to see if they, too, are worthy.

 thor hammer wristlet Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


4. Star Wars Lightsaber Earrings

Without a doubt, one of the coolest and most recognizable sci-fi items is the lightsaber. With these earrings, you can wear 2 mini, green lightsabers which represent the lightsaber that was wielded by the greatest Jedi master himself, Master Yoda. They also feature the rebel logo and the ability to move each of the legendary weapons dangling your ears to one of 3 adjustable positions.

marvel star wars trek best accessories female fans lightsaber earrings Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


5. Zelda: Breath of the Wild Divine Beasts Scarf

If you’re searching for an incognito option for showing your fandom, this scarf features a simple design with a subtle nod to Zelda. Each of the four corners sports one of the four divine beasts from the Zelda game, but without knowledge of the story, any “normal” person will simply see it as a cool tribal pattern, making it a versatile accessory to have in your rotation. 

marvel star wars trek best accessories female fans zelda scarf Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


6. Convertible Tote of Holding

If you often find yourself wishing you could wear your tote as a backpack or your backpack as a tote, this convertible bag may be the answer for you. Featuring an attractive black design bordered with a pattern of gray 20-sided dice, you can choose exactly how you wish to wear this bag every time you step out of the door. Inside, you’ll also find a number of pockets to help you stay organized.

star trek convertible holding tote Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


7. Mario Kart Twinkling Bracelet

Regardless of your age, you probably have a special place in your heart for Mario Kart if you grew up playing it. Whether you recently discovered it, or have been playing since the SNES original in 1992, celebrate your love for the game and its characters with this eye-catching bracelet. The built-in lights can be turned on to sparkle around your favorite characters as they make their way along Rainbow Road. Characters on the bangle include Bowser, Princess Peach, Yoshi and, of course, Mario.  

 mario kart led bracelet Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


8. Marvel Scarlet Witch Convertible Purse

As one of the Marvel Universe’s most stylish superheroes, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for this Scarlet Witch purse. It’s designed with vegan leather and has enough space to carry all your essentials the next time you’re heading out. This stylish piece also features handles and a shoulder strap for different carrying options. 

marvel star wars trek best accessories female fans scarlet witch tote purse Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


9. Wonder Woman Spa Set

It’s crazy to suggest that Wonder Woman would wear her super outfit on a day off. First of all, there’s no need to and second of all, it just wouldn’t be comfortable. Instead, it’s far more likely she’d use this Wonder Woman-adorned spa set to enjoy her time away from the fray. You can also enjoy your spa days in this colorful compilation. The set comes with a bag that holds the luxury robe, slippers, satin eye mask and toe separators.  

marvel star wars trek best accessories female fans wonder woman spa set Image courtesy of ThinkGeek