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Review: Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus Wireless Earbuds Are for True Audio Connoisseurs

There are a seemingly endless collection of wireless earbuds and noise-cancelling headphones on the market. In fact, there remains such a glut it can stagger the mind as to how all of the companies producing them stay afloat. The competition must be vicious.

However, the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus wireless earphones don’t have to worry about all of that. That’s because these $300 pair of elite sound machines provide power and purity rarely matched in the consumer audio market. Inside their tiny frame, custom 10 mm drivers pump out a size and depth of music that might otherwise seem outside the reach of earbuds.

In addition to its sound output, the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus offer dual onboard microphones to enable phone calls. They pack 10 hours of playtime per charge and are also water-resistant against rain and sweat. That being said, if sweat resistance is more important to you than noise-cancellation, you’ll want to go with the sports version of these earbuds, the Master & Dynamic MW07 GO.

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What We Liked about the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

In addition to producing pure sound that sends your favorite music into your head with extreme technical clarity, the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus units come packed with some very solid artificial intelligence. For example, once you tell your smartphone or tablet to keep a Bluetooth eye open for the MW07 Plus, the headphones will self-pair as you remove them from their charging case and be ready to play practically before they get in your ears. They’ll then unpair once you return them to the case. It’s all very much “plug and play.”

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Best Feature: Active Noise Cancellation

The idea of active noise cancellation isn’t mere soundproofing. The technology sends a sort of counter-frequency that blocks random sounds from the outside world — turning back interruptions that could pull you out of your music. The noise cancellation function is common to good over-ear headphones like the new Sony XM4 headphones, but discovering the tech working so well in a pair of very compact earbuds is a special find.

The question of which wireless earbuds have the best noise-cancellation feature has been answered. Combined with Master & Dynamic’s signature audio quality, these wireless earbuds are a music lover’s dream come true.

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Master & Dynamic

What We Didn’t Like about the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

You can make this same point with the Master & Dynamic MW07 GO set that arrives about $100 cheaper, but you need to be careful fitting your MW07 PLUS earbuds. The MW07 Plus set comes with a selection of in-ear adapters to make sure the business end of the earbud stays snugly in the ear canal. By taking some time and getting that small detail right and picking exactly the right connection, you’re helping to make sure you hang onto your $300 earbuds. The MW07 PLUS are small and a bit back-end heavy, so they can slip loose even if you use the optional Fit Wings.


The Verdict: Audiophiles Take Note, These Are Stellar Wireless Earbuds

You’ll be a long time searching for a set of earphones that sound better than the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus. That active noise cancellation tech locks away the outside world, refining the sound beyond what you would expect from earbuds. The $300 price tag can be a reach, but these devices are standing by to serve genuine audiophiles.

If you prefer over-ear headphones, then you’ll want to check out Master & Dynamic’s premium MW65 noise-cancelling headphones instead. But those who prefer wireless earbuds won’t regret spending $300 on this product.

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Master & Dynamic

Where to Buy the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

Even though these MW07 Plus headphones run to the high end of the earbud market, they are available at most major electronic online outlets — in addition to the Master & Dynamic online store.


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