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Mine It, Craft It, and Create It on the Move With Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Take the world’s favorite sandbox game with you wherever you go. Minecraft: Pocket Edition has all the elements that you love from the original Minecraft, but it lets you play on the go.

For newcomers, Minecraft is a sandbox game, a free roaming, open world where you decide what happens. It allows you to explore randomly generated worlds and build (using your mining and crafting abilities) anything your imagination can come up with. You can even take on one of the quests!

You are only limited by the power of your imagination. If you desire a grand palace… Build it! Want to travel over land for days?… Do it!

And you don’t have to do it alone. Minecraft lets you to create and explore by yourself or with with your online Minecraft friends.

Survival mode pits your wits against dangerous mobs and requires you to craft armor and weapons. On the other hand, creative mode lets your mind do the talking as you use unlimited resources to create whatever feels right.

Minecraft PE is available on all smartphones and on Windows 10. You’ll also have the option of subscribing to Minecraft realms, a monthly service which lets you create an always-online world. Not sure about subscribing yet? Try a 30-day free trial.

Whether you need to fuel the addiction or you’re just searching for a great way to lose a few hours, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has a story waiting for everyone. Jump in and see what you can create with today!

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