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Fly Like a Pro With This Mavic Mini Drone

* Advanced 4K video captures shots at a remarkable 30 frames per second
* 12-megapixel camera shoots professional-grade images and video
* Can fly up to 27 mins at a time

See the world through a powerful 4K lens with the Mavic Pro Mini Drone. Using an advanced 1080p stabilized video camera, you’re able to capture professional-grade images and video instantly.

This drone works like a charm and is tiny to boot — it’s super portable and is able to fold into the size of a water bottle. Slip it in your backpack and take it with you anywhere.

The intuitive “Gesture Mode” lets you take selfies like a pro by setting up the drone to automatically point directly at you from any angle. Connect the drone to your cell phone and capture stunning HD pictures with a single tap.

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Unlike other models, the Mavic can fly up to 27 mins at a time, and its sensors are also able to automatically detect obstacles up to an astounding 49 feet away. With a maximum speed up to 40 mph, this powerful drone is able to gain ground in seconds and even holds its own when it comes to wind resistance and harsher weather.

Shoot, edit and send videos in seconds with the DJI Editor, and use the GO app to track battery life and see exactly what your camera sees on your phone or tablet. With the Mavic Pro, the sky’s the limit — literally.

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