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This #WithFilter Photo Album is Designed With Actual Filters to Overlay Your Photos

* Finally, a photo album that lets you add filters IRL
* Customizable photo album featuring colorful filters and on-trend hashtags
* Vintage appeal with a modern spin

Whether on your smart phone or your Instagram, nothing goes better with your selfie (or any photo, for that matter) than an awesome filter. So why not give your real-life photos the same treatment?

In a digital age, most photos are stored on the cloud or on an external drive, but for those special pictures that you want to cherish in person, DOIY came up with a brilliant photo album that goes the extra mile. Their #WithFilter Multicolor Photo Album lets you organize and customize your flicks in a fun and creative way thanks to its one-of-a-kind filters. Just like the “olden days,” when photographers would create different tones to photos by applying physical filters directly over their camera lens, this photo album does the same thing, but to already printed images.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Amazon

From playful hues to on-trend hashtags (think: #Love, #Fun, etc.) you can instantly elevate any photos to mimic your favorite filter style that you’d normally find on your smart phone. Ideal for art lovers of all ages, the DOIY #WithFilter Photo Album is a go-to gift for those can’t get enough of scrapbooking and collage making.


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