Let Your Inner Gym Beast Out With These Monster Headphones

monster isport Bluetooth headphones
Image courtesy Amazon

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* Wireless Bluetooth headphones
* Noise isolation for serious focus in the gym
* Long-lasting (5 hours of play) for intense workouts

“Hey, bro…how much you squat?”

“Wow, you look cute in those yoga pants…maybe we should namaste together.”

You’ve heard all the usual chatter at the gym. If there’s one consistent thing you’ll find during your workouts, it’s people trying to chat you up.

The last thing you need after a long day of work is somebody trying to chat while you’re busy sweating out the day’s stress. You’re not there to talk; you’re there to sweat, to work the dumbbell rack and to pound that treadmill into the ground under your feet.

You know how you can escape to that mental place where your inner beast enjoys a workout? By donning your headphones and tuning out the world. The only problem? You can still hear people even if you are ignoring them, and that breaks your concentration.

That can now all change thanks to Monster’s iSport Achieve Bluetooth headphones. These headphones boast a lot of the perks you’ll find in other sports headphones, with one notable difference. They have high noise isolation technology that allows you to tune into the music and tune out those around you. You’ll keep focused on the rhythm of your reps rather than the intrusions of others.

They are Bluetooth, so you don’t need to worry about wires getting tangled. They’re also sweatproof, which is great as you work off midday meetings that bring more stress than you like. Finally, they feature a sport clip that secures the earbud in your ear so it won’t fall out during those extra burpees.

Couple all of this with five hours of playback time and a mic for important calls, and you have the perfect set of buds to enjoy with your beastly workout.

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